The Black Mothers’ Burden and Blessing: Protecting Their Sons

My audio documentary consists of interviews of three women, all mothers of young black boys, who have had to sit their sons down and give them “the talk.” In the black community “the talk” isn’t about the birds and the bees but rather about interacting with the police without getting harmed. This documentary gives context to why black mothers feel having that talk is necessary and what goes through mother’s minds when they talk to their boys about police interaction.

I interviewed Ebony Jackson, the director of the Women’s Center at York, the mother of a 10 year old boy. Ebony was featured in a mini documentary featured in NY Times Op-Docs, titled Conversations With My Black Son. So, I reached out to the producer of the documentary Geeta Ganbhir, an Indian American woman, married to an African American man, who is the mother of two young boys. My third interview is my neighbor Carolyn Allen, a mother of three boys and one girl. Her eldest boy, 28, is currently incarcerated and she worries for the 20 year old. Her youngest son, 18, the only one she doesn’t worry for, is about to graduate high school and go to college.


Podcast entitled: Conspiracies, and Pon the corner




These podcast were a fun final project, there were challenges throughout especially keeping up with people, and editing. I think the final projects came out great. I want to thank DJ Romeo, and YOUNG WESS for the time and participation, as well as Allyson, Lue, Awa, Imani, and everyone else that made these project possible, also thanks to Cassie for giving me opportunity to express my self.

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Burning Your Bra With Marissa – Pilot episode

SO for my final I decided to create a podcast, that I plan to continue after the class is over. For the first episode of BYB W/ Marissa I decided to talk about SEX. Guys talk about sex all the time and they get no judgement, no hate, they’re never called whores. So I wanted my first episode to be an open dialogue and open discussion about sex with no shame, no filter and not a care in the world. WOMEN HAVE CASUAL SEX just like guys and we should be able to talk about it.

I started a tumblr for my podcast. Hope you guys enjoy!


Final Project “Away from home”

A way from home is a podcast, about people who moved to the United States, expressing the conflicts and struggles they faced when they first came here, how did they adapt to a new culture, and new lifestyle.

My first episode was with Mr.Abed Elkeshk “The College of Saint Vincent Vice President” who spoke about his life and how he started as a busboy  and ended as the vice president of one of New York’s City great colleges.

Check out the track and give me your feedbacks.


My second episode was with Ahmed from Iraq, when I first interviewed him I thought he was just a regular immigrant who moved to New York with his family, because they’re looking for better opportunities or for some other  common reason, but what I came up with in this episode was a total different story, please check it out, it’s worth it !!