school trip

This was originally a 20 minute recorded trip to school , which I condensed down to 2 minutes I normally stop at the store , and sometime use the ATM machine when I am low on cash, I normally get a Redbull, a pack of cigarettes, and always say “whats up” to Papi behind the counter. The gut in the background is one of my neighbors, he is what some people like to call an O.G. He is normally hanging out around the store, coincidently we both got on the same dollar cab, the guy running the dollar cab is a familiar face too, After I get out of the cab I said good-bye to my friend and walked up from liberty and sutphin to school.

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  1. 18/20

    Nice work! I like the interaction – and thank you for writing a description! Your recording a little muffled at times so work on keeping the sounds clear.

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