The Quiet American

This project was created to display the different sounds the producer experienced, while traveling to various countries around the world. The main goal of this project as stated by the producer is to “… Sketch in sound the experience of being in an unfamiliar place.” While listening to a few of these recordings I felt as if I was actually in that particular place. I mostly listened to the recordings found in the Discography section. While listening to “Three Trains”, I could picture a train coming in the distance. I felt as if I was there in flesh, the crickets, the gong and the train, all felt real. The rainfall in “Stuck,” made it seem as if I was also experiencing the storm from inside a vehicle. Ultimately, these recordings put me in a place that the producer said they would. I felt like a tourist, that I was transported to the specific scenes captured in the recordings.

Janai Senior

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