Project 4 – 4/3/15

Aim – To complete 50 points of extra assignments

1A. Write a response on three pieces of recordings from “the quiet american”

The author states that the main idea of this piece is basically recordings of what they heard and the noises around the tourists of Vietnam. The first recording i listened was “three trains”, my honest interpretation of this audio, was someone is travelling from very far specifically from somewhere urban as it started out with a lot of natural-like peaceful sounds which gradually became the extremely noisy and urban sounds of a market or town square. A lot of combustion such as bells, chattering, footsteps, somewhat horse likes effects as well. It became a bit overwhelming but was enjoyable. The second audio ” The malaria” sounded like the journey now continues to where the individual must now sail the ocean whether by ship or boat, more likely the boat due to the constant human-like chatter. It seems like a very peaceful ride for the most part  due to the calmness of the sea and that he/she made it in one piece as they gradually docked and the individual continued the journey. Then, finally the third audio piece “circumlocution” we hear footsteps as if they’re descending more than likely going down a flight of steps. We hear children at one point in the distance so it’s safe to assume an apartment building, the individual then walks out the community and into the town where we hear a plethora of sounds such as construction sites, hustling and bustling of car wheels as well as human chatting again, sounds like the individual went around the neighborhood and back to where he/she started. The audios just created a bit of an outdoor environment imagery; from the waves of the ocean to a jackhammer in the middle of the street every sound i could relate to in some way shape or form. the sound that stood out the most to me was the human-like talking sounds as i was trying my utmost best to at least make out one word or several.

Question 5 –

To listen to the audio of RadioLab  and answer the questions.

Basically radiolab’s audio was basically about, the main character “Lulu Miller” who’s seeking a bit of a get-away from life so she went biking in the open road. To her surprise she meets a nice gentle by the name of  Jeff Vineyard who is a geologist that should have been on the open road with his fiance but due to things beyond his control ended up doing it along and ends up cycling with her for eleven days. Plot twists they, both Lulu & Jeff built quite the friendship he shares personal information with her such as his sudden disbelief in god, etc. Which then became some what of a memoir of both Jeff & Lulu’s life which leads back into the present. very interesting plot and execution.Basically it created an imagery of constant travelling for Jeff & Lulu, as it started from the open road to a flashback method of Jeff’s life how he lost his faith, his wife, the possible future as well as current situation. I believe the hardest part of this audio for the producer was to pick and pull the information he/she considered most important and emotional support the entire plot needed. The part that stood out the most to me was the conflict between Jeff losing his faith and possibly losing his potential wife against him then suddenly regaining the faith and trying to re accomplish what should have been done before. Also snippets of the actual wedding was very touching and insightful.

2. Make a ~ 5:00 minute recording inspired by The Quiet American.

My sound was basically of, after almost 60+ years of being out of commission, rail has finally been revitalized in some areas of Jamaica. the footage was captured 09, Aug, 2011. I choose this because it reminds me of the journey taken by the main character in “the quiet american” and also it’s a huge deal to me and my country of origin it’s a symbol of hope and possible progress. the audio is just simply success to my ear. The challenges i faced while trying to record the clip was to capture the slight chatter of children on board and other passengers as this could have possibly been there first ever train ride and also capturing a bit of the rural life above the noise of the train was a bit challenging as well. Such as birds/wind/random natural noises. I noticed there was a lot of silence, i’m figuring people were either amazed, simply dumbfounded  or just trying to enjoy the fact that rail is now some what accessible in our country once again despite being one of the first in the world to have the technology.  It was really fun recording this and i hope you all enjoy as well. Link below.

[soundcloud params=”auto_play=false&show_comments=true”][/soundcloud]

6. Record and edit your own commute to school — inspired by the Rocked by Doubt radio piece

[soundcloud params=”auto_play=false&show_comments=true”][/soundcloud]

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