Hooping With Hijab Intro

The story I chose is titled “Hooping With Hijab” by Habeeba Husain. It introduces Bilquis Abdul-Qaadir, the first muslim woman to play division 1 college basketball in her hijab.  It introduces Qaadir with a scene from a basketball game. The sounds I used included a crowd chanting, basketball dribbling, sneakers squeaking, and  spinning sound to represent the ball flying from her hands into the hoop, and swish. I followed with a quiet pomp & circumstance playing as I narrated her high school to college accomplishments. The song kept playing in the background until the near end when the intro ended, signaling the trouble she had coming as a muslim woman rocking a hijab in hopes of playing professional ball. When talking about her friends in high school, I used some ambient noise of chatter usually heard in school hallways. It faded into a typing noise when the discouraging emails from her agent were mentioned and pomp and circumstance faded out. I ended with another form of pomp & circumstance, reversed and crescendoed out into a quick fade.


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