Week 7: Stories with Sound FX

This is recording of a period of my life, when I lost my voice. My main passion in life is having my own show, hosting shows and be an anchor.

One day I received a phone call from one of the famous Radio hosts in Tunisia, he picked me out of bunch of other Radio hosts to actually host one of his Radio shows on Air. When I received this phone call I was the happiest person on earth. Couple days later I had sour throat, I thought it was just cold, but my voice sounded weird for couple weeks, the producer had to actually warn me that my voice sound unfamiliar and different on the radio.

I went I had some X-Rays and figured that I have a tumor on my vocal chords,I had to actually do a surgery to gain back my voice, and I wasn’t able to speak for about 2 months. After the dream that I was waiting for I had to actually give it up because I was sick.

I was depressed and felt like this is the end of the world, but 3 months later, I started gaining my voice slowly, it was too late to go back to my show as he already replaced me with another Radio host.

I won’t say that this incident didn’t affect my life badly, it actually did, but I believe that everything happens for a reason.

Check this short recorder, explaining how my life was and how I survived without speaking for 2 months !

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  1. Week 7

    Great work! Good use of sounds to tell the story. The volumes are a little low and uneven- so try to even out the volumes for the next project.

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