Week 09 Option #1

To make them seem as though they are coming from the left, I used Pan and other volume to make it low and then, high as they made their way in front of me. I also used a little Reverb to make a light echo at the end of the running.

I used the Pan and volume to make it sound as if one is closer than the other and they are talking from different points. Along with that, there was at least one or two more men, so I made it so they are sitting right in front of me and I am playing poker too. Just I have nothing to say.

I edited the parking lot clip by using Pan to change the direction of the voices and volume to make the Professor’s voice louder and her friend’s voice lower. I also used Reverb to help with making the friend’s voice echo inside the parking lot. I also used the EQ to make is sound like it came from far away, but not too far.

I took the sound of footsteps and made them seem as though someone is walking to me and then, walks away. To do that, I used Pan to make the direction of the sound change. Then, I used the EQ to make it sound like it was far in a hallway coming and going.

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