pots and panning

This in-class project, I found to be a lot of fun. I had slight mistakes during the process, especially in the horse project when I realized there was a pause right in the middle of the track, which I did not have the time to fix. In the Poker Game project I had major mistakes when I was trying to piece everything together and input cross fades to make the men sound organic, I screwed up the entire track and had to re-do the entire track over I got it done but, I wish there was a way to cross fade across multiple tracks. The parking lot scene I had the most success wit, I tried to make this scene seem as real as possible. I imagined myself in that space walking with Cassie and her friend, in doing so I came to the realization that I had to not only pan both voices but also, to put effects on both to give a real sense of space in the project, overall I am proud of myself and happy that I was actually able to finally finish an in class project in class.

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