Week 10 Assignment: Listening to and Creating Podcasts PartI

The podcast is a digital medium that consists of episodic series of audio. Episodes gathered together to create a sequence of digital form of media. It’s basically a form of broadcast “show” over the web and is broken up into parts or episodes. Most podcasts are similar to news radio programs , some of them are music shows, or gospe.
I picked two different shows from “The Heart”one called “One-Day’s love”- The subway” which was a story about this girl who fell in love a random guy who she met by the subway at one late night, and how they started laughing and listening to music together until she had to get off the train for her stop, and she never met him again. The other episode called “Beauty is pain”, it’s about a Trans girl, who always felt ugly about herself. She was explaining how she wanted to have plastic surgery and look as fabulous as other girl that she sees, but she can’t afford it. Eventually she went to get some injections through the “Black Market” that had to deal with a lot of illegal stuff and how she got sick after a while of having these injections.
The episodes were full of different effects, a lot of music mixes, a lot of different parties such as interviewees, adding effects regarding the person’s reaction or expression of saying things which made it more suspense to get the audience attention and catch their focus. It was different vibes of  “Comedy music, funny comments, romantic scenes, sound effects regarding the moment and the interpretation between scenes and clips. 

The tone for the first Episode “One-Day’s love” The Subway” was a tone of love and romance. The other episode was was sad, despair, informative and very conversational. 

I think both episodes were pretty interesting and full of various forms, whether in effects or scenes or people being interviewed. I liked the variety of each episode; it is such a big shot in catching the audience’s attention. Probably what I did not like much is the second episode “Beauty is Pain” because it was too long, I got a little bit bored in the middle while it had a lot of information especially when different people talked about their personal experiences and the medical doctor at the end speaking about the illegal surgeries done by non-authorized people such as the black market mentioned. 

Both episodes were full of great sense of music, effects and vibes. I enjoyed listening to both especially when things like the episode “one day love” happens to many people, when you meet someone that you fall in love with just from the first sight or the first conversation and you simply never meet that person again, you might meet them once in a lifetime but it felt like knowing them for ages. Also the “Beauty is pain”, is an image of a lot of girls’s struggle nowadays. How many girls out there do their best just to lose weight, or try to go through surgeries just to look as fit as that girl in the magazine. Both episodes were part of reality it was not fiction, which made it more interesting and negotiable.  

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