Week 10 assignments

Part 1

A podcast is a form of broadcasting but it is digital audio that is available to the public online. It is downloadable and user friendly for Ipod’s and MP3 players. Podcast are different from regular radio cast because with “radio talk” there aren’t options of what you would like to tune into. Whereas with podcast you can choose who you would like to listen to as well as tuning into specific topics that interest you. For some people Podcast may be a little more flexible. Not only are podcast flexible with their topics they may also be more user friendly to multiple electronic devices. With regular radio cast you can only tune in during a particular time however podcast allows you to tune in on your own time, you can pause it, stop it, and rewind which is not possible to do if your listening to a radio show in your car.

I decided to listen to Call Your Girlfriend podcast just because of the title. It was my first time listening to a podcast. So I had not known there were multiple episodes. I then picked episode 18 called “Hi Haters” the tone of the women were cheerful. They talked about men dressing in feminine clothing, women dealing with the pain of their menstrual cycle and parents who give their kids outrages name, along with the problems people face on the internet. They didn’t start off talking about their topics though, they kind of lead themselves into the conversation by talking about how their weekend and day went and how much they enjoyed chipotle. Which I also like to eat. Then they went into the whole jeggings vs. leggings and the idea that some men are starting to like jeggings. Which they thought was inappropriate because of the extra “front package” that men are built with. They compared it to skinny jeans and laughed because guys shouldn’t wear tight clothing on their lower half. But at the same time they liked the idea that men weren’t afraid to wear feminine clothing. The next topic was women menstruation. They talked about how painful it was and how some women miss out on certain activities because of that pain. Whether it be playing a sport or just going to school. They compared the pain to giving birth to a baby wolverine. Which had me dying of laughter because it may have seemed like an exaggerated metaphor to others but to me I completely agreed. In between some topics they did play music for a couple seconds to show transition which was good because I think without it the audience would be a little lost. The whole time they were laughing not only at themselves but at the ideas people would send them to talk about, which lightened the mood and made it less boring. Some parts did make me smirk because I either agreed or thought it was just slightly funny. During the next topic which was parents who give their children the most outrages names was probably my favorite topic. Only because I think that parents, ESPECIALLY celebrities don’t think before they name their kids. So they made a mockery of names they found on the internet and then they started inventing their own kids name like “baby coach bag” and “baby nutella” to show that parents just call their kids anything now-a-days. I’m not sure if I would tune into podcast again or not.

Part 2

If I had to do a podcast it would be short and quick to the points with my topics. I would also try to refrain from going off on a tangent. But at the same time I would bring the enthusiasm to the show. I need the audience to stay with me all the way. Therefore, it was have to be a well-rounded topic, maybe something majority could relate to, maybe something that people can debate or have an opinion about. My audience would be younger adults to middle aged people so early 20’s to 30’s. I would like to keep it at about 15-20 minutes long. I would host it and bring in another person so we can have a variation of personality and opinion. The title of the overall podcast would be “The Big Talk”

Topics/episodes can be:

Are New Yorker’s As Rude As Outsiders Think?

The Misconceptions of Tattoos and PiercingsĀ 

How Long Shall We Wait Until He Proposes?

These can either be different episodes as they have no correlation to the other or they can be in one whole episode; as I’ve seen in other podcast the host puts multiple subjects that doesn’t necessarily tie in with the other into one episode. The reason I would want to do this show is because it’s based on my topics that will cause some type of reaction from the audience. I want the audience to not just agree with me but listen to it and either had that experience before or will have that experience later on.





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