Loneliness Whale

1. World’s Loneliest Whale

This article was about the legend of the loneliest whale in the world and how the legend came to be. The Navy were boating in the Pacific Ocean when they heard a strange sound. Some thought they knew what it was and then, they realized that they don’t know what it is. The noticed hat the sound reached 52 hertz. When it comes to the frequencies that the whales voices can reach, 52 hertz is a lot louder than the average frequency. With that, they couldn’t believe that a whale could be so loud. Usually, whales have a frequency of 15-20 hertz.

The sounds whales make are usually for things such as communicating with other whales, and finding food. However, as they looked into it, there were no other whales along with him. Based on the sounds that he made, he was recognized to be a blue whale specifically. Also, with the fact that he was swimming with no one, it was realized that he was making sounds of loneliness. With that, he was given the name, “52 Blue.”

People became attracted to the story of this whale. Because the sounds he made sounded as though he wanted someone to be with and love, people were able to relate to his loneliness or even loss. They were able to relate to him because of their own experiences. For example, a person in England felt she can feel how the whale does because she lost her brother at a young age. She feels the loss and emptiness that was caused of the incident when she was young.

Another person thought of the whale when they went through a difficult break up. They were together for years until it was ended. For that, they decided to have a tattoo that represented 52 Hertz to express the pain of being alone and to feel something great has been lost.

The story of 52 Hertz was popular among people that a film director decided to make it into a film. Josh Zeman was struck with the story because of his relation to it. During the time, he was struggling with effects of a break up.

“One of the themes of Zeman’s film is modern loneliness, that people are particularly responsive to the story of 52 in the digital era—when the Internet promises connectivity but can actually deliver us even deeper into isolation.”

Reading this quote, my thoughts are that it means that we all can relate to the loneliness and sorrow that the whale can feel. Even using the internet can help to show what he is going through. However, not everyone can feel the same about the story. Many of us can feel bad for him or want to do something to make him happy. Others can feel that this isn’t something that we need to be concerned about.

I feel that caring about this whale is something we should do. He is all along with no other. He is a part of the world and is a being that needs support no matter where he is.



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