PART II: Come up with your own idea for a podcast

If I ever had my own show I would call it “Fe elGhorba”, it’s an Arabic word that means Alienation, but the literal translation is not as it sounds, it’s more of a group of people who belong to a certain nation or certain community and they leave their homeland and immigrate to a different country, getting used to different traditions and values. This show is targeting all the people who left their country and started all over in a different place.

My audience would be immigrants, the people who were not born in the United States and moved all the way here to whether receive a certain degree, or to work and make money or for better future. This show is targeting Egyptians living in the United States of America in specific.

Fe El Ghorba show is about Egyptians who come to the United States and start living here, the struggles they face and all the conflicts they go through. In Egypt a lot of people believe that whoever lives in the United States are pretty lucky , and they have better chances. The idea of the show is to expose that life here is not as simple as they assume and that people here are struggling as much as they struggle back in Egypt. What made me create this show is the amount of Egyptians coming here and struggling life here. All my friends back in Egypt are assuming that I’m getting the best salary in the world, and my education is way more easy than Egypt. They assume that the government is giving me money every month that I don’t have to work, they believe that everything here is way more flexible and simple. Back in Egypt children are not allowed to move out until they get married, they can’t really be independent it’s not because they don’t want to, but it’s because this is the culture. Probably back in Egypt there isn’t as much opportunities as here, but opportunities here depends on the economy and the country’s stability.

I would be the host of this show and I would want to have my podcast for about 30 to 45 min  just to have the time to interview different people and put different episodes into the one episode presented.

Some of my ideas would be interviewing the halal food guys “people with food carts in the streets”; New York are full of them,and most of them are Egyptians. Also I would interview one successful Egyptian businessmen, someone who started from scratch such as working as a waiter and now they own their own business. I would bring an example of failure, someone who came here and they couldn’t adapt to the lifestyle here nor the people, and they’re willing to go back.

I’m pretty sure such this show is going to expose a lot of immigrants’s  struggle, it is going to expose the real meaning of being alienated to a place that you do not know anyone, a place you are trying to create your own connections from scratch, friends, co-workers, and family.

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