Singing in the Rain

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The movie is about transition in film between silence and sound. In the mists of it all we have a couple, Don and Lina, who are the movie stars and a famous couple. Don is a guy that had a dream and Lina is that woman who only sees a man for their money and fame. Lina uses their role of being movie stars to make her become more famous. She isn’t as quite into Don as he first was into her. The role she plays on the movie screen, she plays in reality if she wants to get the most fame out of her and Don’s relationship. During their films, because the technology to have sound on film was not yet created, they were recorded in silence. On the screen, the words that actors/actresses would’ve said was put in quotation after every time someone would say their lines. To create a change of expression or a change of scenes the film would have orchestras in the background. However, the first sound movie came out in 1927.

When it came to adding sound directors didn’t quite know how they were going to get all the actors to be heard at any point of the film and with every movement that they made. Then when sound equipment was invented it was too loud and made too much static. Not to mention too big so it was difficult to blend it into a set. On the silent screen actors looked the part, but when sound was coming into play the way actors would say a line or the overall sound of their voice did not correspond with the visual idea the director had for the film. They also had singing in the show and people didn’t have that talent to be recorded. In today times an actors voice has to have that certain sound just to get the part. For ex, Morgan Freeman he has “that voice” that cannot be duplicated and therefore makes him perfect for certain roles. But back then it wasn’t about your sound it was about your looks. Sure the actors/actresses had the right look for the big screen, but when the technology of sounds were evolving they didn’t have the voice to back-up their image.

That was the problem directors were having with Lina. Her voice wasn’t matching particular roles and she needed to be replaced. In the scene where the mic is in-between the bushes the director get frustrated because although in order to fulfill her role Lina had to move her head side to side to show a little sadness, but it wasn’t working well with the sound equipment. Every time she would move her voice could not be picked up by the mic. Actors needed to be directly in front the mic in order for it to capture their words. The director pointed out where the mic was and the direction she needed to speak in to be heard but because she kept moving her head only half of her lines were being heard. Her voice was also too high pitch for her role they needed a woman who had a warm tone. She got upset because in the silent film her body movements could go any which way to show her expression but for a sound film she needed to be still and that was uncomfortable for her because she didn’t want to talk into a bush. He even put a mic inside her dress and covered it up with flowers so it wouldn’t be seen, it did work but then the mic picked up her heart beat so it conflicted with her lines.  If I was the director I think I would’ve moved the bush to a different area that way she can look Don in the eyes and it wouldn’t be as if she was talking to the bush.



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