So the story took place after the cold war, in the depths of the pacific ocean.  There were hydro phones left over from the the prior wars, they were used to pick up signals from submarines in the cold war. They were declassified and were used for and just were used for more scientific reasons.

This all changed on december 7 in 1992 when, the hydrophones recorded, a strange sound that came in at 52 hertz, after many speculation a petty officer 2nd class named Velma Ronquille decided to give this a second look on the spectograph. She was the first one to speculate that it was a whale. The reason why most did not suspect this kind of creature was that a blue whale normally clocks in at 15 to 20 hertz. They can be the loudest animals in the world and  males  normally sing at around 180 decibels.

There were many people who said that the whale might have cannot hear, as well as other suggestions that the whale was making mating calls. The reason of this high pitched noise was still unknown, but what is known is that there were no responses to it from other whales. People where drawn to this story for the most part  because of its relatablility.  deaf people speculated that the while might have a handicap that did not allow it to communicate practically with other whales, and many other people related to the feeling of being alone and still forcing oneself to strive for better, so the whale to them had a symbolic meaning , others just have a fascination with whales in general. A big part of why the whale became so popular was because, the story was capitalized on buy the music industry. There were a multitude of songs for this whale, someone even turned out an entire album dedicated to the whale. ultimately this whale became a source of inspiration to many people.

In this specific article the quote, “One of the themes of Zeman’s film is modern loneliness, that people are particularly responsive to the story of 52 in the digital era—when the Internet promises connectivity but can actually deliver us even deeper into isolation.”(Jameson). refers to the whale story as a metaphorical comparison to us as humans. This is  a topic I feel is a very controversial one, but it is a topic I have done many research about . The truth (based on my understanding) is that humans live in an ever evolving world where things that are apart of our lives are easily replaced, because we are very easily bored an d are continuously seeking out new and more interesting things. The connectivity that we get from things in the digital era, is also what isolates us because, as humans we are losing touch we with people on  a more personal level and replacing that with keeping things at face value. One most common example is the era of smart phones, we walk through streets with our heads down not aware of our surroundings, never looking anyone in the eye. In a way have are more interested in what is going on the instagram world, than flesh world. In relation to the whales though, I really do not see how this all ties in. I think people have a great respect for the largest animal on the planet and I believe that is totally fine.  I however always become thrown off when a person can say “I wish we could all help and play whale songs for him.” She wanted to know why “we can build laptops and smart phones but we cannot figure out a way to get this whale some companionship?”(a woman named Pamela) .



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