Another Round

A podcast is “a digital audio file made available on the Internet for downloading to a computer or portable media player, typically available as a series, new installments of which can be received by subscribers automatically.”

Podcast are some what like a radio talk show but it isn’t because it is not broadcasted live. A podcast can be edited and sound effects can be added to allow the listener to experience the audio without an actual imagery. Each podcast has a different tone, mood and feel. It all depends on the tone in which the creators are trying to set.

I chose the podcast called “Another Round.” I chose the aforementioned because I first listened to the preview and it seemed very entertaining. The women sounded funny and their subject areas were race, funny experiences. The preview caught my attention and being that I love to laugh it was just fitting that I listen to this one instead.

I listened to the first two episodes called Unlearning and You Know White People. These two episodes were quite funny, entertaining, relatable to a certain degree. Especially if you’re black you would totally get what they were talking about. If you’ve never heard of this podcast before then I promise you that you’d be delightfully entertained. These women addressed what black people and white do which annoys each other. They spoke about a party they went to where it was filled with poets and musicians and how bad it was. They spoke about what a “Cat Daddy” was which is an old man which wears Steve Harvey suits and Stacy Adams shows lol. There was a cat daddy at the party with a purple suite and purple leather gloves lol.(So Ghetto.) There was also this lady that walked in dressed in purple which was apparently the color of the night and she brought a tambourine with her too.

The other part which I also enjoyed was the guest which spoke about the mispronunciation of her name and how that led her into correcting people because your name is such an important part of you and you should not allow people to pronounce your name which ever way they want. She also made a very important point about learning to unwrite and then learning to write. What she meant here is that when she had an idea she waited to hear what other people had to say and then write if people said it was a good idea. She changed that by writing before anyone said it was a good idea. She wrote knowing specifically who her targeted audience for each piece was.

My favorite part was when they mentioned how in literature people of color was always compared to food such as almond shaped eyes,chocolate skin etc. Therefore they came up with an original piece of literature that likened white people to foods also. Examples of these are skin soft as mayo, raw ground beef etc.

Both episodes were really good. It was funny, relatable and entertaining. The only think I didn’t like was the lack of a male input but probably the further episode has some. I would definitely listen again.

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  1. Week 10: 20/20

    I’m glad you like this podcast! I agree it is very funny and smart. I also like your idea for your own podcast.

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