Creating and listening to pocasts

Basically, my podcast would be about how New Yorkers view dancehall and reggae music, what are the interests, what do they dislike about it, what could be better, what activities or suggestions do they have to increase how to get new Yorkers more interacted or engaged with dancehall/reggae music within new york state and what can be done to increase the longevity of the culture within NY state. I would title this podcast “Dancehall Labrish” why this title? Because labrish is considered slang, but can be best describe as a form of gossip or informal discussion about a topic, which would be dancehall, thus “dancehall labrish.”

My intended audience would be mostly teenagers to the older spectrum of the middle age approximately 29-30years of age. I choose this group because statistically they are the most active in the culture on aspects such as; following the culture whether by dress or attending events, investing in the culture for e.g. buying tracks or supporting clothing, etc. Also, I just believe they will be the most interested due to majority of today’s content in Dancehall culture.

I would most likely be the host, I’d desire to have two maximum, opposite sex as this would marginalize discussions and most likely get views from both sides of the situation as well as provide a little twist with a battle of the sexes feeling to the podcast. I would aim for at least 40Mins per episode as I don’t want to stretch the material out or have the duration so long that it becomes a bore. As it’s very evident in today’s society that attention span is probably at an all time low for all age groups especially if it has no compelling graphics/visuals to keep the attention of the audience when they no longer want to just listen to the content.

Why I choose this topic? Because I have an undying passion for the culture, I don’t think a day has passed in my life where I haven’t portrayed the culture through my speech, dress, diet, thoughts, etc. I always feel the need to be extremely involved and CURRENT in the happenings of Dancehall and reggae culture plus I have additional experiences dealing with the industry, for I was an aspiring disk-jock at one point in time in my life who gained somewhat success. I also hope to pursue a career in the field whether as my main job or as a hobby.

3 episode ideas would be firstly; Episode one would be an Intro to dancehall; what is it to New Yorkers? How much do they know? Based on what they’ve heard would you like to know more? Basically get some groundwork on what’s going on in the dancehall/reggae scene in NY. Episode 2 What is NY Dancehall? Actually go into the field of dancehall find out what’ really happening versus what is being said and how do people like it so far? Episode Three “ This Is dancehall” I’d bring to the show actual dancehall verse remixed culture get responses, comments and suggestions and most likely try to get a established artist or at least some one with a bit of recognition and see how far it goes.

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