Let’s Talk

If I had to create my very own podcast it it would be called lets talk. It would be about questions young people ask and the challenges they face growing up. This podcast will focus on current issues such as sex, identity, drugs, peer pressure, a need to heard, filling that void. This podcast will give the young another outlet to express how they feel about things going on around them both personally and nationally. Everyone’s story is different. What may be a challenge for one person may not be a challenge for others. Young people can come on share their stories and help other young person. It will also be a means of inspiring and educating others.

My intended audience is young people and parents because sometimes parents think they know what the youth are going through when really they have a very small idea. The way things were back in the day is not the way things are now. Really and truly as many people as this can reach would be great because at the end of the day knowledge is power and if we can better understand each other then I believe it can make a huge difference in the way that society is viewed.

What makes me want to create this show is that too many times young peoples issues are not specifically addressed. This would give the young people an outlet to voice their opinions and ideas as to what is going on around them. it will also be diverse in nature. Guest would tell their stories. Young people who are making a difference in their communities will be featured.

Who would be the host? How long would it be?
The host would be myself along with another two or three young people.

3 ideas for specific episodes or segments are 1. I want you to understand Me. 2. This is my story 3.Finding my place. The first episode would be about understanding how young people think and why they do the things that they do.Allowing them to express themselves in which ever way the feel. The second episode will be about telling your story. Speaking on the challenges that you’ve face. What you endured as a young person and how you’ve made a difference. The third will be more inspiring and motivational. Giving young people a push and motivating them to do better and to strive to achieve their goals in life and not giving up no matter what may come their way.

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