Listen Closely!

Hildegard Westerkamp is a composer, radio artist and sound ecologist. 
She is a pioneering figure within the field of soundscape studies and sound ecology. She presents soundscape workshops, performs, writes and lectures internationally.

Soundwalks are walking in an environment with the intentions of listen and playing close attention to every sound in the particular environment. It can allow a person to become aware of the sounds around you and to “find a relationship to place through listening”.

Soundscapes are recordings of what is happening in an environment. It can include natural sounds, weather, animals, humans. They are the sounds of a particular environment at a particular time.The article states that “Soundscape recordings are excerpts of moments in time, nothing else.” This means that whatever is going on in that very moment which is being recorded/ listened to without the any editing or interference.

I think her work is very interesting because she takes time to stop and listen to natural environment. Most times humans are in a rush and we don’t get to hear all the softer and natural sounds around but by her doing so I find this very interesting. To some it may be boring but I don’t find it boring as I love nature so doing this in nature fits perfectly for me but in other places such as city life there’s the inevitable change with moving vehicles and other machinery even humans too.

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