Listening to and Creating a Podcast

Part I :

According to Google, a podcast is a digital audio file made available on the Internet for downloading to a computer or portable media player, typically available as a series, new installments of which can be received by subscribers automatically. This is different from other kinds of media because the hosts can express themselves freely, without having to follow any language restrictions that are present on TV and radio, and it is also free; unlike TV and satellite radio.

The show I picked was “Another Round”, I chose this show because I watch a lot of buzzfeed’s videos on YouTube and I wanted to see how this would compare to them. I listened to the first episode titled ‘Unlearning’, in which they interviewed writer Durga Chew-Bose, discussed house parties gone wrong, and also described ‘white people’ culinary. This was a very good listen, one of the host described her experiences in the club with what she called a ‘cat-daddy’, “A cat daddy is a 65+ year old man who dresses in nothing but Steve Harvey suits, Stacy Adams shoes of very loud colors, linen shirts, and they go to these clubs on the weekend to go and buy young girls drinks.” She also talked about an experience at one of her friend’s birthday party. The writer Durga Chew-Bose read a piece from her essay ‘How I Learned To Stop Erasing Myself’, which she talked about how she started to express her views in her writings, which she thought was invisible before.

The tone of this podcast was a mixture of humor, information and conversation. At the beginning of this podcast there was a lot of humor when one of the host were talking about their experiences at parties, however when Chew-Bose got on it got informative, regarding the race barrier in literature. I thought this show was good, this is the first podcast I ever listened to and I would definitely listen again.

Part II:

If I were to create a podcast the name of it would be ‘What Happened?’ This show would be comprised of many different topics. These topics would include my experiences, the experiences of the viewers (which could be submitted for a future episode), issues regarding my demographic, giving advice, and crazy news story. Basically it would be a podcast on what’s happening in the world. My intended audience would be teenagers to young adults and whoever else is interested.

The motivation behind this podcast is mainly because of a YouTube channel called Just Kidding News, in which they share their opinions on news stories that are sometimes submitted by the viewers. Normally there are six people present on this show sharing their views on different issues. Also, I like to engage in conversation that talks about issues that most people would ignore talking about, while being entertaining to viewers.

The host of my podcast would be me, and I would have a few co-hosts and guests as well, so the viewers can have multiple opinions to hear, and to also make the show more entertaining than having one person talking and only hearing their opinion, which can get boring to some people. The length of this show would vary depending on what topics are discussed in each episode, but I would aim for at least 30 minutes each episode.

This show would have different segments which all deals with the question ‘What Happened?’ One of which would be about what happened this week, pertaining to the news and/or experiences of mine. Another segment could be about experiences of the viewers, whatever it may be, and I would give my opinion on the situation. Another segment could be a live Q&A portion of the show or the hosts trying to give advice to the viewers.

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