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A podcast is defined as “a program (as of music or talk) made available in digital format for automatic download over the Internet.” I now understand the growing interest in audio podcasting vs. traditional radio. After listening to Serial I started looking for other good podcasts to listen to but didn’t venture too far from NPR. Going back to the problem Chenjerai Kumanyika’s article addressed on the voice of public radio, podcasts bring the voice of a younger more diverse population to audio storytelling.

I listened to Yo, Is This Racist? with Andrew Ti. The episodes I listened to were “Taking Our Jobs”, “Rage Communities”, “Equal Treatment”, “Hitting On Non-White People”, and “Success of Run the Jewels”. The concept for this podcast is that a person calls in and asks a question ending in “is this racist?”I chose this podcast mainly because I wanted to see how the hosts would answer the questions. I feared that they would get the answers completely wrong (at least wrong in my opinion) but Andrew Ti and his co-hosts give pretty level-headed responses to the questions which cover everything from overly offended liberal communities to trans/interracial relationships and everything in between. Some episodes like “Hitting On Non-White People”, where a trans man was asking if it was racist to go after non-white people because they seem to be more receptive of him, made me think about things in communities that I know little to nothing about.

With some other episodes I felt I understood the concepts a little better and I enjoyed that as well. I would listen hoping they would make one of the points I was thinking of and a lot of the time Andrew Ti did. For instance the Rage Community Episode, discussed people’s anger toward future Daily Show host Trevor Noah’s offensive old tweets. They discussed the issue of some communities wanting to tear a person down completely for something offensive they may have done or said. I appreciated this because, while the show is very liberal, it isn’t afraid to call out people in their own corner.

A podcast like this is highly opinionated and the hosts share many of the same opinions as I do. That’s what drew me to this. I also liked that the website itself had an ask section for people to send their questions and comments to the podcast host.

One of the other podcasts I listened to was “The Read”. I chose it because I was hoping the name of it referred to the slang version of “reading someone” and it did not disappoint. It was basically just a discussion of current events in entertainment with the hosts Kid Fury and Crissle. I’ve watched Kid Fury’s videos on Youtube and they are hilarious. Once I realized that he was one of the hosts I was in. The thing I both like and dislike about this podcast is that it’s very conversational. The hosts speak so freely it sounds like gossip between me and my friends. While listening to this is relatable it also at times feel like rambling. Yo, is this Racist? had a very concise topic that they focused on each episode. I am biased though because I like my podcasts short and full of interesting content packed into a quick story.

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  1. Week 10

    Love your point about both liking and disliking the conversational tone in podcasts. I might ask you to elaborate on this in class.

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