Singin’ in the Rain

The movie, “Singin’ in the Rain,” is about the evolution of the film industry. In the beginning, films were in black and white and didn’t have sounds. All you see is the black and white imaging and the words would appear on the screen. It is not like closed captioning, you didn’t hear the voices of the actors at all. All you hear is the instrumental music that would play to help build emotion and suspense as the film would progress.

Don and Lina are famous actors that are known for great silent films. Their success is great until people decide that they want to see “Talking¬†Pictures.” In other words, like the films we have today, they want to be able to hear the voices of the actors instead of just the music. What seems like a great discovery turns into a challenge because the film directors are unaware of what they have to do in order to have the voices in the films.

As I watched the film, I learned how the film industry was able to progress to a new stage. Silent films were a great thing in the past. However, the film industry began to grow bigger and more entertaining when they added the voices of the actors. Also, they were able to add sound effects to the film. The task of adding sound was a challenge for most film directors during the time. If they didn’t figure how things could work during the 1920’s, today, we may or may have not been able to come up with the technology to make the changes to the silent films that were once the greatest films.

In the scene that was posted, the film director is having difficulty with recording the voices of the actors. First, the Lina was talking, but not into the microphone that was hidden in the bush. She tried to continue speaking while still moving as was supposed to move before. You are able to hear her voice, but only when she was directly looking at the bush. When she moved to side, you wouldn’t hear her voice as clear. The director became upset and decided to put the microphone hidden in a decoration to her dress so that they can hear her properly. Once again, it didn’t work and he continued to try new ways to make the microphone be able to get every part of Lina’s voice.

After each attempt, they were unable to get what they wanted. If technology was advanced enough at the time, I would have tried to make the microphone wireless as it can be today. With that, Lina or any other actor can be able to move and speak clearly without trouble. Anywhere they go, they would be able to speak at a far distance or close to the camera as they need to be. Also, possibly, if it was small, I might put a few around the neck area to get every angle. That would make things so much easier and would help this film director from getting so aggravated like he was.



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  1. 20/20

    Yes a wireless lavalier mic would do the trick! Or someone could come with a boom pole and a shotgun mic and boom the scene.

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