Singing in the rain


This was a story about Don Lockwood a silent film star and a leading lady Lina lamont, this signifies the start of movies that moved from silent films to films that that had sound recorded, and is under the genre of a musical comedy . The sounds started appearing in films around the late 1920’s to and early 1930s.


In this specific scene she was trying to recorded ,  but had problems as the mic was in the bush and she could not , they could not get her voice to be recorded while she spoke, after this did not work they attempted to attach the mic between her breast, the problem with this was that the mic was picking up her heartbeat, then they  came up  with another solution which was to pin it to her shoulder the recording finally came in but was interrupted again by a cast member who pulled the mic cord and sent her flying.

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  1. 12/10

    Watch your grammar!! You’ve got run on sentences, incorrect punctuation and a few other problems here. You have great ideas – so make sure we can hear them! Also this is short – make sure to do the full 500 words.

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