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Hildelgard Weseterkamp is a artist composer and ecologist, she and a team of other professionals in and outside of music has banded together to capture the sounds of everyday in the urban environments of Vancouver,  they have been doing so in the since the 1970’s and have been documenting ( in  sound form ) the changes in the urban landscape for for artistic and research purposes.  the quote by her that said, “Soundscape recordings are excerpts of moments in time, nothing else.”  means that the listener should only expect that. There are is also nothing scripted or composed it was just her and her team walking around, and capturing what it sounds like to be in that type of urban environment.  She did this to invoke a heightened awareness from the listener in order to make the fully aware of there environment.

In the article she was asked what were sound walks in which she describes from her website as walking around with a sense of purpose, the purpose is listen intensely to the surroundings, and to yourself, she says you should start of by “listening to the sounds of your  body first” and then exploring outwards, this seems like some kind of train exercise for listening . I believe the ultimate goal of this and her work is to give people a heightened sense of things in general because people live in a fast paced world where many things in life are ignored, and she  wants people to listen a bit more.

personally I believe in what she is trying to do she, has found a problem we she feels is valid in society and is trying to fix it and I commend her for her efforts. She has found a way to not only capture moments in time that would have been lost to time it self,  but  has applied a philosophy to it that can be enhance the way people see their world. I think her work is interesting, and should be adopted by most people, maybe not in every instance but as a form of relaxation or meditation. As I stated before there are many people on this earth who just go about their daily lives without any appreciation for the little things in life, and one can be very surprised on how much the little things in life that we pass by can truly affect us. She has captured many things in life, and those experiences can live on because she took the effort to make them live on so, as much as I do not think it will become widespread I believe that some one had to do it.

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