Hildegard Westerkamp is a composer, sound ecologist and radio artist. Westerkamp presents workshops, performs, writes and lectures. Soundscapes are recordings of what is happening in an environment. It can include natural sounds, weather, animals, humans and so on. They are the sounds of a particular environment. Soundwalks are when you walk in a particular environment with the purpose to listen to your surroundings. It can allow a person to become aware of the sounds around you and to “find a relationship to place through listening”.


I think soundscapes are kind of interesting when you consider how the soundscape can change over time. It can change over time due to advances in cars, and other electronic things. It can vastly change the soundscape of an environment. For example Westerkamp describes the changes in foghorns from old diaphones in the seventies to more “squeaky electronic ones” in the nineties.


Also I think it could be cool to think about what types of people, conversations, animals or whatever are constants in your neighborhood. Until you consciously listen to a soundscape of an environment multiple times you may not notice what is always there.

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