Sprouting Entrepreneurs Podcast

My podcast would be titled “Sprouting Entrepreneurs”. It would be about entrepreneurs and the early phases of building their business. I would interview business owners to talk about how they went about beginning their business ventures.  I feel that people get so overwhelmed by the title CEO that they don’t look at themselves as potential entrepreneurs. Many people avoid the idea of starting a business completely because they don’t know how to go about the early phases.

I feel like a lot of young adults, coming out of college don’t believe in their abilities enough to start their own business, but they all have to start from somewhere. My goal for the podcasts would be to inform people about how to build a business through stories of other entrepreneurs. By sharing how they began building their business I want to give people ideas of how they can use similar strategies to start building theirs. I’ll focus each podcast on a specific topic depending on the type of business each person started. For instance if a person’s product is physical we would discuss things like how they chose the design for the product, what makes their product special. If the project is a service we’ll discuss things like, “At what point were you confident enough in your abilities to start selling your services?”

I would ask each of the guests general questions like how did you come up with the concept? When did you realize it could be something profitable? How did you develop a community around your brand? What do you wish you knew when you first started your business? Each podcast would be around 30 mins each.

Episode idea: Interview with Anthony Frasier, co-founder of The Phat Startup, and creator of Tech 808 a conference focused on technology and entrepreneurship. We’d discuss how to use your own identity to come up with a business concept for underrepresented communities.

Episode idea 2: Interview with Wes Jackson, founder of Brooklyn Bodega, and the Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival. This conversation would be about being a serial entrepreneur and how to decide whether or not a business is viable.

Episode idea 3: (Not an interview) A discussion of what makes success. A co-host and I would talk about all of the other things outside of hard work that affect someone’s success. I would me mentioning things from the book Outliers and some of the things I picked up in my current read, “Steve Jobs.” We’ll talk about how the things around us can affect our success and what we can do to fight barriers to get where we want to be.

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