Too f%*^ing loud

“How loud is too loud? Doctors and club owners on hearing loss and volume” by Molly Beauchemin is about the high volume of music and its effects on listeners and musicians hearing.


Tinnitus is a neurological problem that originates in the brain caused by loud listening. It involves the miscommunication between noise damaged sensory cells and the result, which is a continuous ringing in the ears. The tinnitus and the resulting ringing are permanent and affects fifty million Americans. According to Beauchemin about two million become so debilitated by the ringing that they no longer are able to carry out normal daily activities.


Beauchemin writes: ““When properly inserted, foam earplugs block out dangerous frequencies . . . Most agree that if earplugs are going to “cut out” any important sounds, it’ll be vocals, which sit on the high end of the mix and are hardest to capture because of the artist’s distance from the mic and the fact that they are constantly moving. Audiologists, however, agree that vocals aren’t loud enough to be blocked out even from cheap earplugs, which are designed to cut out only the dangerous frequencies.”

They are referring to blocking out the loud frequencies of the music that can damage sensory cells in the ears. It can be controlled by filters that can customize earplugs to allow certain frequencies in and others left out.


Dangerous frequencies around 3.5 hertz are sensitive to human ears. Combined to the decibel (the volume of sound) allows for permanent damage to the ear.


Most music at venues is played ridiculously loud, too loud to even allow for conversation. I believe it is played this loud to create a certain atmosphere and to create a certain partying vibe. I think that many people would not enjoy music lowered at clubs and concerts. It is a certain type of experience when music is so loud that you can feel it and how it works with your adrenaline, endorphins and creates a “fun” environment.


I don’t believe I would enjoy lower music at clubs or concerts. I think that it part of what you pay for to have this loud, exciting, musical experience. I do however think that it could be lowered at bars which have a more calm atmosphere. There are appropriate venues for it which allow for it to be avoided by people who do not enjoy loud music.

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