we are all lonely whales


The legend of the loniest whale in the world is about the 1992 discovery of a unique whale by Velma Ronquille and Joe George. The whale, later named 52 Blue has a call that other whales cannot hear. Whales usually make calls at about fifteen to twenty hertz a sound that the human ear can hear 52 Blue got his name for his ability to make calls at 52 hertz. His ability to do this has left his calls unanswered from other whales dubbing him the “loneliest whale in the world”.


In the years since his discovery 52 Blue has amassed many fans who relate to him on a personal level. People who are heartbroken, lonely, deaf, shy all identified with 52 and his solitary life. A Mexican singer wrote an entire album dedicated to the lonesome whale, a statue was erected in his honor, he even has a twitter account. People fell in love with this whale because he represented the difficulty of communication. Shorna, a young woman from England, related to 52 Blue on how difficult it was to communicated after the death of her brother. “I felt I couldn’t talk to no one. That no one understood or cared enough.”


Jamison, describes one of the themes of Josh Zeman the filmmaker of 52: The Search for the Loneliest Whale in the World as “modern loneliness, that people are particularly responsive to the story of 52 in the digital era- when the internet promises connectivity but can actually deliver us even deeper into isolation”.


What Jamison mean is society’s obsession with the internet is in a way our 52 hertz call. Many people often times are reaching out to other people on the internet and they go unheard. The idea of many activities on the internet is to bring people together however we become so obsessed with using these websites and applications that we are never really connecting with people. For example, how many times do you see videos and photos of a friend at a party? Often times these people are so obsessed with the projection of having fun, socializing and connecting with other people that they are never really doing that.


I definitely agree that in many ways the posting things on the internet can be described as our own unheard 52 hertz call. There are many instances where you are heard on the internet and you meet and make new friends, but more often than not people are using the web more than they are socializing and relating to the whales, or I mean friends around them.


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