In Class Assignment Week 14: Final Project Proposal

WORTH: 20 points
DUE: Today, Wed 4/29

PART I: Come up with at least three ideas for the final project. Write them down. Discuss with classmates. Which of the projects are most doable? Which are most exciting? Which are you most drawn to? Do you have people in mind to talk to? What are difficulties that would arise with them?

PART II: Write a one page TYPED proposal. Spell check it, read it over for grammar, print it out and hand in. Please answer the following questions:

1. What is your idea?
2. Why did you chose it? How does it relate to the kind of media work you want to do?
3. How will you present this project? On a blog you create? On our class blog? Why did you pick this particular method?
4. What is the SCALE of the project? How long will the piece be or how many people will you interview?
5. What gear will you need? Where will you get the gear?
6. What tasks will you need to accomplish from today until 5/6 in order to be prepared to work in class?
7. What tasks can you do in class next week? This is part of your grade!
8. How can you use in class work time to your advantage? I.e. would you want feedback from students or teacher?

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