Ouch! My Ears!!!

This article is about loud music at concerts, parties, bars etc. and the adverse effects it has on the ears. Many cases of hearing loss have been recorded as result of loud music at concerts. It also makes mention of a neurological problem called tinnitus.

Tinnitus is a neurological problem that originates in the brain, involving miscommunication between noise-damaged sensory cells; the result is a continuous ringing sound in the ears. Tinnitus is permanent. Once sensitive hair cells are damaged, they can no longer transmit impulses to the auditory nerve and to the brain.

This quote by the author “When properly inserted, foam earplugs block out dangerous frequencies . . . Most agree that if earplugs are going to “cut out” any important sounds, it’ll be vocals, which sit on the high end of the mix and are hardest to capture because of the artist’s distance from the mic and the fact that they are constantly moving. Audiologists, however, agree that vocals aren’t loud enough to be blocked out even from cheap earplugs, which are designed to cut out only the dangerous frequencies.” means that earplugs are most effective at blocking out dangerous frequencies such as 7 – 8 hertz however the earplugs cut out most of the vocal which is at the high end of the mix. Vocals are are also difficult to capture because of the distance of the person singing or talking into the mic with the added constant moving of the individual. On The up side audiologists stated that even with cheap earplugs which also designed with the same intention as the more expensive one : to cut out dangerous frequencies that vocals are not loud enough to be blocked out.

Most venues play music at 98-115dB, which is very loud, being that the maximum volume played is 20dB louder than what is required for hearing loss.

I think music playing quieter at shows would ruin it for everyone. People would go crazy and would feel like they didn’t receive their monies worth. I think probably more speakers in strategic locations would be best or smaller crowds because I think the more people at the venue then the louder the music would have to be. I personally would would want to hear and feel the music. No one wants to be bored or struggling to hear whats going on. The areas closer to the speakers could also be somewhat blocked off a certain distance too. Oh well I really don’t know. Just be careful!

Listen Closely!

Hildegard Westerkamp is a composer, radio artist and sound ecologist. 
She is a pioneering figure within the field of soundscape studies and sound ecology. She presents soundscape workshops, performs, writes and lectures internationally.

Soundwalks are walking in an environment with the intentions of listen and playing close attention to every sound in the particular environment. It can allow a person to become aware of the sounds around you and to “find a relationship to place through listening”.

Soundscapes are recordings of what is happening in an environment. It can include natural sounds, weather, animals, humans. They are the sounds of a particular environment at a particular time.The article states that “Soundscape recordings are excerpts of moments in time, nothing else.” This means that whatever is going on in that very moment which is being recorded/ listened to without the any editing or interference.

I think her work is very interesting because she takes time to stop and listen to natural environment. Most times humans are in a rush and we don’t get to hear all the softer and natural sounds around but by her doing so I find this very interesting. To some it may be boring but I don’t find it boring as I love nature so doing this in nature fits perfectly for me but in other places such as city life there’s the inevitable change with moving vehicles and other machinery even humans too.

Poor Whale

This article is about a whale which could not communicate with other whales because it’s frequency was different from that of others.

Dec. 7, 1992: Whidbey Island, Puget Sound. The World Wars were over. The other wars were over Korea, Vietnam, the Persian Gulf. The Whidbey Island Naval Air Station remained.However, the naval air station, on that day in December audio data gathered by a network of hydrophones spread along the ocean floor. These hydrophones had turned the formless it of the ocean and its noises into pages of printed graphs.These hydrophones had been used to monitor Soviet subs until the Cold War ended; after their declassification, the Navy started listening for other noises—other kinds of it—instead.
A strange sound was heard on that day. The acoustic technicians thought they knew what it was, but then they realized they didn’t. An Officer stretched it out on a different spectrogram so she could see it better. It was coming in at 52 hertz. They came to the conclusion that it was a whale.They thought it was impossible for a blue whale because it’s frequency measured 52 hertz. Blue whales usually come in somewhere between 15 and 20.

Whales make calls for a number of reasons such as navigation, finding food, communication, and sexual selection. Blue males sing louder than females. They kept tracking him for years, every migration season, when he made his way from Alaska to Mexico. His path was always the same. The only thing is that there were never any other whales around him. He always alone.

Many people have been obsessed with this story. Twitter accounts have been created in which people tweet for Blue 52 saying how he feels so lonely.

The quote “One of the themes of Zeman’s film is modern loneliness, that people are particularly responsive to the story of 52 in the digital era—when the Internet promises connectivity but can actually deliver us even deeper into isolation.” to me personally means that that tho you can share your creative or opinions and connect the the entire world via media. It is still very possible that no one pays you any attention or your intended audience can never be reached especially since the world wide web is such a huge database. Expecting that you would be ale to connect or reach someone and in the end you fail to do can cause someone to give up or think what’s the point if my voice or my creative expression is not impacting someone.

Let’s Talk

If I had to create my very own podcast it it would be called lets talk. It would be about questions young people ask and the challenges they face growing up. This podcast will focus on current issues such as sex, identity, drugs, peer pressure, a need to heard, filling that void. This podcast will give the young another outlet to express how they feel about things going on around them both personally and nationally. Everyone’s story is different. What may be a challenge for one person may not be a challenge for others. Young people can come on share their stories and help other young person. It will also be a means of inspiring and educating others.

My intended audience is young people and parents because sometimes parents think they know what the youth are going through when really they have a very small idea. The way things were back in the day is not the way things are now. Really and truly as many people as this can reach would be great because at the end of the day knowledge is power and if we can better understand each other then I believe it can make a huge difference in the way that society is viewed.

What makes me want to create this show is that too many times young peoples issues are not specifically addressed. This would give the young people an outlet to voice their opinions and ideas as to what is going on around them. it will also be diverse in nature. Guest would tell their stories. Young people who are making a difference in their communities will be featured.

Who would be the host? How long would it be?
The host would be myself along with another two or three young people.

3 ideas for specific episodes or segments are 1. I want you to understand Me. 2. This is my story 3.Finding my place. The first episode would be about understanding how young people think and why they do the things that they do.Allowing them to express themselves in which ever way the feel. The second episode will be about telling your story. Speaking on the challenges that you’ve face. What you endured as a young person and how you’ve made a difference. The third will be more inspiring and motivational. Giving young people a push and motivating them to do better and to strive to achieve their goals in life and not giving up no matter what may come their way.

Another Round

A podcast is “a digital audio file made available on the Internet for downloading to a computer or portable media player, typically available as a series, new installments of which can be received by subscribers automatically.”

Podcast are some what like a radio talk show but it isn’t because it is not broadcasted live. A podcast can be edited and sound effects can be added to allow the listener to experience the audio without an actual imagery. Each podcast has a different tone, mood and feel. It all depends on the tone in which the creators are trying to set.

I chose the podcast called “Another Round.” I chose the aforementioned because I first listened to the preview and it seemed very entertaining. The women sounded funny and their subject areas were race, funny experiences. The preview caught my attention and being that I love to laugh it was just fitting that I listen to this one instead.

I listened to the first two episodes called Unlearning and You Know White People. These two episodes were quite funny, entertaining, relatable to a certain degree. Especially if you’re black you would totally get what they were talking about. If you’ve never heard of this podcast before then I promise you that you’d be delightfully entertained. These women addressed what black people and white do which annoys each other. They spoke about a party they went to where it was filled with poets and musicians and how bad it was. They spoke about what a “Cat Daddy” was which is an old man which wears Steve Harvey suits and Stacy Adams shows lol. There was a cat daddy at the party with a purple suite and purple leather gloves lol.(So Ghetto.) There was also this lady that walked in dressed in purple which was apparently the color of the night and she brought a tambourine with her too.

The other part which I also enjoyed was the guest which spoke about the mispronunciation of her name and how that led her into correcting people because your name is such an important part of you and you should not allow people to pronounce your name which ever way they want. She also made a very important point about learning to unwrite and then learning to write. What she meant here is that when she had an idea she waited to hear what other people had to say and then write if people said it was a good idea. She changed that by writing before anyone said it was a good idea. She wrote knowing specifically who her targeted audience for each piece was.

My favorite part was when they mentioned how in literature people of color was always compared to food such as almond shaped eyes,chocolate skin etc. Therefore they came up with an original piece of literature that likened white people to foods also. Examples of these are skin soft as mayo, raw ground beef etc.

Both episodes were really good. It was funny, relatable and entertaining. The only think I didn’t like was the lack of a male input but probably the further episode has some. I would definitely listen again.

Space Convo

So for this assignment I tried to make this conversation sound like it was happening out of space. I went to EQ3 – 7 Band then Pitch Shift which I lowered the ratio. Selected Reverb – D Reverb, selected room 2, large hall after which I moved the mix to 65% for a wet sound.