Alien Monster Baby

For this assignment I first went to pitch shift and adjusted it. I then turned up the ratio option, I lowered the detune, reversed the track then i brought down the pitch coarse. So that’s how I came up with this alien monster baby.

Pitch shift, ratio turned up, detune down, other then reverse, pitch coarse.

Faces of Ferguson

I chose this story Faces of Ferguson which speaks about a story which was in the headlines for months. An unarmed teenager was shot dead in the streets of Ferguson Missouri. I took the story being told by the journalist recorded it and place some sound effects. The purpose of this was to bring the story to life. I added effects such as gunshots, rioting, angry crowd and a little music in the end.

Public Radio

Kumanyika is speaking about the white public radio and how many non white speakers have their normal voice and their white voice. He is asking seeing to find out how can there be a variety of representations of voices in public radio. Yes people speak a certain way on the radio and I don’t see why it should be labeled white voice and regular voice. Most people just speak proper in english in my opinion.

I don’t like public radio. It is just annoying to me and just sounds dated unless it’s music. I really cannot relate to this but if he see there’s a need to do something about it then I applaud him for taking the step in doing so.

Pauline Oliveros

This interview is between Professor Pauline Oliveros which area of teaching is listening skills. Her teaching skills are not what we are used to. A past student is interviewing her and relates how it changed him after her new methods of teaching helped in greatly. Pauline is a American composer also. Deep listening is the philosophy that makes the distinction between involuntary hearing and actively and concentrated listening.

Everyone learns differently and by taking different approaches to teaching I think it helps reach people on different levels with the unique goal of learning, understanding and executing or implementing what it is being taught. The most remarkable thing about this interview is using energy exercises and yoga to help one learn.


This article is about a four minute and 33 seconds long of silence. They way it played out is that one would sit at a piano for for 4mins 33secs without playing. Many people didn’t see why that was necessary which I concur. By him doing so it sparked a lot of debate which had people talking and thus resulting in his message being spread around the world. Therefore I think he wins in that aspect of getting his message out there. I somehow understood his logic behind this. He wanted to let people know that music is all about being able to freely express yourself without any rules.

I personally believe that doing this was a very smart idea. He got people to think and break out of the norm.Although I understood his reasons for doing it I’m still not sold on his entire method.

Washing Machine : Inspired by The Quiet American

I chose record a washing machine. I chose this because I was inspired by the motor boat recording in Vietnam. I chose this in order to pay more attention to the sound the machine makes because sometimes we don’t always hear the the softer sounds.

This recording went pretty easy. I just pressed the record button and walked away and allowed it to do its thing therefore there was no challenge at all. The house was quiet and everyone was away.

The sound pattern for the washing machine was pretty consistent except for when it started expelling the water and spinning the clothes. It has this sound that kind of reminds me of a “Choo Choo” train as we would say as kids growing up.

All in all this was fun as it allowed me to pay close attention to everyday things that I use and the sounds they make.

The Quiet American

For this assignment The Quiet American I listened to three field recording;
1. Boat Motor (Vietnam)
2. Protest (USA: San Francisco)
3. Children Playing with Marbles (Cambodia)

The first recording was boats motoring down a canal in the Mekong delta. Narrow boats under narrow bridges. This was pretty cool as I would not normally spend time just listening to boats motor around on whatever body of water that they’re on. I am more inclined to the visual than than the sound. Although I hear it I wouldn’t pay much attention to it unless something went wrong like an exploding sound or the boat stopped moving too.

As I previously stated I like the visual a lot more but in listening to this recording I created visuals of my own. I could see that motor boat going down the river stream with some middle aged guy steering the boat as it made it’s way down the calm flowing waters. Although the water looks calm you know what they say “Still water runs deep.”

This placed me in a very calm mood because I love the water. Although I cannot swim but the sound and imagery it caused me to form made me peaceful. I often listen to thunderstorm and running water audio in order to calm me and fall asleep.

There wasn’t a variety of sounds in this audio other than the motor but the fact that it calmed me stood out the most to me.

The second recording, The Protest in San Francisco is said to be believed that this was an anti-INS protest passing by. The bells are from the Mission’s ubiquitous ice cream carts. I personally do not like protest because it’s noisy and crowded and people all up on each other. I am not a fan close human contact when it comes to strangers. However, I could visualize the protest with people marching with banners and posters, singing and chanting on the busy streets. I could visualize how busy the streets were as one could hear the sounds of vehicles passing by and not to mention the ice cart ringing the bell as he himself tries to cash in on the crowd or they weren’t allowing him to get through so he’s probably ringing the bell more vigorously trying to get their attention.

The ice cream cart stood out more because I could not understand what they were saying because they did not speak english but I could feel and hear the anger and frustration in their voices as they protested.

The third and final sound was the thunderstorm which was described as a dark and stormy night. This one by far is my favorite for obvious reasons. This one was also recorded in San Francisco Bay. I love thunderstorms. The falling rain, the wind, the running water. This makes me calm and puts me to sleep. Like I said before most nights I fall asleep to thunderstorm audio.

Being from the Caribbean island of Saint Lucia it also brought back those memories as a child I also played outside in the rain with my cousins and friends. This audio was so clear and felt very real as if it was really happening right now.

Editing Sound


This assignment was a bit frustrating for me personally. I had to switch groups due to technical difficulties. However, I learned a whole lot more about sound and using Pro Tools. At first it took me a while to use to pro tools but once I got the hang of it everything fell into place. I would have liked to have done way more but I’m satisfied with what I did today. Above is an audio I edited. It’s not the best but it’s ok I guess.