Vox Pop- week 6

For this VOXPOP we asked multiple people what they look for in a boyfriend or girlfriend. The hardest part of doing this was of course  the editing. Editing takes a lot of trial and error and I never truly feel like my projects are done. The one problem I had was time. I felt like there wasnt enough time for me to edit so therefore I only put one question in there instead if two. Something I would’ve done differently was pick the surrounding because not only is music loud but it competes a little bit with the persons voice and their surrounding environment. I should of also lowered the volume of the background music, had I been given more time. Overall I’m proud.

5 minute shower (10 pts)

This is a 5 min recording of the shower. We could have chosen anything to record so I decided to record something that relaxes me. Sometimes I would turn the shower on and just leave the hot water on to warm the bathroom up on a cold day or when I’m not feeling well the shower is my favorite place. There was no complications. I just held my iPod in my hand and stood in front the shower and let it record.

Pauline Oliveros (10 pts)

  • summarize/describe the interview.

The interviewer was Pauline’s old student. So the first noticeable thing, was that there was a form of connection. She was a woman who based her teachings on improvisations. She thought that things shouldn’t just be taught but the best way to learn was through collaborations and individually. She prefers her students to have a basic/ general guide of the course outline but rely on improvising. By improvising it promotes a different type of learning vibe. She believes electronics (instruments) are dependable in the sense that it gives you the opportunity to be free and picks up where you have left off.

  • who is Pauline and Oliveros?

Pauline is a accordionist who had a band that works with electronic music and incorporated some of the environment into her sound. She was also a teacher.

  • what is “deep listening”?

Deep listening was about combining improvisation and spirituality. It involved sound awareness and the idea that there’s sound people hear when we concentrate and the sounds we involuntarily hear.

  • what was remarkable or interesting about this interview?

The only thing that stood out was that she had an iPhone. I always find it weird when older generations are up-to-date with technology. What’s remarkable would probably be all the work she has accomplished. What was nice about the interview was that her students enjoyed her and in some ways wanted to be like her. To admire a teacher is very rare because for the most part it’s all on a professional/ educational level instead of Pauline who wanted to not just be their teacher but be a bit of a guidance and some one they could connect with.



The Quiet American (10 pts)

For this assignment I listened to three recordings and basically thought about imagery and whether or not the audio affected me.

The goal of the first recording, Feb. 11th 2008, was to capture a young child nursing. I thought this was unique because another person would not have thought to record a child during their nursing time but it was something different. It’s a very precise sound, it’s naturalistic and real but at the same time it’s a sound that many people (maybe besides mothers) would actually pay attention to. I had imagined it to sound different. The image I imagined is of a new born drinking milk or perhaps breathing heavily before falling asleep.

The second recording, Jan. 7th 2008, was the sound of rain water hitting crushed up cans in Japan. I personally don’t like rain but others may seem to enjoy it. This is the type of audio that attracts people who likes that “white background” noise for sleeping. The sound wasn’t different or surprising because it was a familiar sound. The image that came to mind was an old rusty can on the side of a building in an alley catching rainfall inside of it. This sound was precise, you could hear every droplet hit the can, instead of just constant rainfall.

The third sound, Dec. 24th 2007, was based on walking in the snow. It was a snow day but the birds chirping was very loud. His feet walking in the snow makes a slight rhythm. I love the first day snow falls as well as I like walking in snow when its fresh so this audio appealed to me. I assumed it’s freezing outside because of the snow however I noticed there’s barely any sound of wind. His foot steps are the most dominate sound. The image i got was a man walking through a lot of freshly fallen snow with boots on during the afternoon/evening time.

week 5: My great grandparents had 10 kids and stayed together too bad my parents didn’t follow their footsteps.

So for this project my classmate Allyson had to interview me. She started off asking me questions about whether or not my parents were together. That made me start talking about my great-grand parents, who had their first date over tea and got married young, but stayed together their whole life. The interview was really fun and I had so much responses for her questions we hadn’t notice we talked for 30 mins. Cutting this interview down to only 2 mins was extremely hard.

Week 3 assignment

So today Marissa and I used a dynamic microphone and a shot gun microphone.  we basically asked people what their favorite movie was and why? we recorded them using the dynamic microphone which was pretty simplistic.

we then switched to the shot gun mic and that was able to capture a more direct focus sound from a distance as oppose to the dynamic that we needed to be close to the person being asked the question. With the shot gun I had a lot of fun I basically was able to capture not only teachers, teaching a lesson from outside the classroom in the hallway but also I captured the elevator moving from floor to floor. The only problem with the gun shot was that it was sensitive to touch so every time I moved my hand it was very obvious on the recorder.


This audio was with a shot gun

And this is with the dynamic microphone

First Assignment


Screen Shot 2015-02-04 at 4.42.56 PM




Whitney Hutson, Imani Casimir, and Karina Martinez

We played “Classic” by MKTO and adjusted the volume to create a similar picture by following the times that were shown in the original image. We had difficulty recording while trying to figure out how high to turn the volume up to get the look of the image we based our project on. We also faced the challenge of modifying the piece on Pro Tools. After three attempts, we managed to get it right.