Final Project Foster Care podcast

This is my final project.  For it I chose to do two podcasts on foster care.  In the first one is my story about being in foster care and my foster mother commenting on our foster care experience.  The second one consists of two clips that show some struggles of foster care and help thats available for kids aging out of foster care.  I enjoyed putting this together and expressing my feelings on the topic.  I hope you enjoy. Listen to foster care podcast 1 the listen to foster care podcast 2.


week 13


This is our little scene of pulp fiction.  I enjoyed this project a lot.  I always wanted to work with a shotgun mic and boom pole.  I found it easier then expected.  The toughest pat was having to rotate the pole while each actor spoke. Also putting the audio and video together was rather easy since I’ve done it before.  The project turned out nicely next time I would want to use a more professional camera.

part 2 week 10 assignment

Podcast Proposal

The title of my podcast will be “All Children Deserve a Home”

This will be a show about adopting children in foster care. In addition the show will deal with adopting teens. Don’t they deserve a family to love and care for them? Wouldn’t you want to know you could be adopted?

Having been in foster care since the age of eight, I wanted to be in a place I could call home. I got that when I was 18. I was in a group home in Bayside, Queens. The city was closing the group homes and so they decided to look for families for all of us. Not all in the group home were lucky enough to find people to take them in but many did. My mother came to get me and I have been with her since then. I officially aged out of care when I turned 21 but she is still my mother and I am her son. Others should be able to experience the same.

Recently, the mayor has cut the funding for the agencies that would recruit families to adopt the kids in care. Something about its not a good use of taxpayers money. Well, maybe someone should talk to those of us who pay taxes and have also benefited from the recruitment efforts. Because of the recent funding issues, I was trying to figure out a way to help. If I can do a podcast on behalf of the children in care who want to be adopted, it may bring some publicity to the subject and maybe we can get some funding restored.

I envision the podcast to be weekly at most. The focus would remain the concern of the children in care but from different perspectives. I will host and my first episode will be myself and other youth who were adopted from care, telling our stories. The second episode will have adoptive parents who have already adopted from foster care. It will be specifically about adopting teens. Then the third episode will have guests from some agencies that have lost their funding and need assistance to be able to continue their mission.

I want to give back. I have a permanent home now and I am happy. My mom has not officially adopted me but I know she will always be my mom and there to love and support me. I want to help others get what they deserve. As the title of the podcast says, “all children deserve a home”. Speaking as a foster kid, none of us chose to be in care. It happened and it wasn’t our fault.



part 1 week 10 assignment




Merriam Webster defines “podcast” as: a program (as of music or talk) made available in digital format for automatic download over the Internet. In some cases, the podcast is almost like a weekly radio broadcast but it can be listened to from your computer.

For this assignment, I first listened to Another Round Episode 4. This was 33 minutes. I then looked for another one to listen to. I looked through the list and found the one that said, Call Your Girlfriend but clearly it was more for females to listen to. I moved on to others and went and began listening to The Read Episode 107 – Muppets are People too. I listened for a while but after listening to Another Round I was offended with some of the comments and felt there was too much discussion of race. Maybe it wasn’t but it is how I felt.



Another Round – Episode 4


Heben and Tracy have this podcast and this episode was to talk about stories of things that happened to them in their past. Tracy talks about attending Transylvania University in Lexington, Kentucky.  She says that it as ultra conservative and ultra white. Since they were in the south the campus was very confederate friendly which included the confederate flag on campus. She one day went with her roommate, Brittney, to a Klan rally. The two hosts laughed at the name of the white progressive group. The group was called Progress. They thought it was unoriginal. Tracy told a story about her friend Candace whose butt was big and then some random guy is trying to decide which butt was better, hers or Candace’s. She thought it was a really strange place to try to pick up someone, a Klan rally.

There was a discussion on how white the podcast audiences are. Apparently, 84% of the podcast audience is white. The gentleman who joined them worked for NPR and talked about their audience being the same ratio.

In this broadcast the hosts read a list of seventeen conditions when it is acceptable to use the term reverse racism.


Most of the podcast was comical. And there was a great joke told at the end.



Welcome to Night Vale – episode 65 – Voicemail

This episode was about voicemail. Actually the majority of the podcast was the playing of the host’s voicemail. People leave some really weird voicemails. Many made no sense and seemed to be a continuation of a prior conversation in which we as listeners were not involved with. It really did not hold my attention.



The Read – Episode 107 – Muppets are People Too.

(Jim Henson tears, ghostwriter tea, and ethnic TV) listened for 45 minutes to a bunch of chatter about music an all sorts of topics. Not sure what it was about. It seemed to be random comments. Not sure why it was titled as it was. Nothing had anything to do with the title.


I may have chosen different podcasts to listen to if I knew the topics. There is no real description of what to expect.


The Worlds Loneliest Whale

This article is about a whale that was identified by his sounds picked up in 1992 by staff at a naval air station in the pacific. Even after the wars had ended, the naval station remained open and the hydrophones that had been used to track Soviet submarines until the cold war ended. The hydrophones remained at the ocean bottom and the navy used them to track other sounds. In December of 1992, two naval staff heard a sound coming in at 52 hertz. After listening for a period of time, they made the decision that it was a whale; a blue whale. They were very interested in the sounds they were hearing because even thought they could make out that it was a whale, the level of hertz was wrong for a whale. Normally a whale will be at 15-20 hertz. That is close to the level humans can hear. Being at 52, they described it as “off the charts”.

The whale uses the sounds it makes for a lot of things. They will communicate with other whales, look for food and use them for directions. In this case, the whale would not be able to communicate with other whales because of the difference in the level of hertz.


Since the story broke about this whale, many humans have been very intrigued. The whale in a way represents something to them. In some cases it’s about loneliness. Some who are lonely can relate to the whale because the whale has been basically cut off from other whales because of the difference in sounds. Many feel sad for the whale. It shows how some people have such passion for the story of this whale that they have created Twitter accounts to speak for the whale.



One of the themes of Zeman’s film is modern loneliness, that people are particularly responsive to the story of 52 in the digital era—when the

Internet promises connectivity but can actually deliver us even deeper into isolation.”


The quote from the article is saying that in a digital era, there are many who could feel even more lonely with the more options we have. The more information you can get form computers and the internet, the less you need to have human contact with people to get answers. Easily people can get more isolated. Sure, we are connected to anything we need but who are we really connected to. I agree with the quote. I think the more we spend our time in our homes and not interacting with others, the more we can become isolated and even depressed.


The whale in this story was not found. Some thought they would try to find him while doing a movie on the story. The funding for that fell through. Many have posted information about the whale and in support of the whale on social media, but no one has actually found this whale.

singing in the rain

The movie “Singing in the Rain” is a musical done in the 1950’s. The movie takes place in the 1920’s when there are still only silent movies. The movie involves a duo from silent movies. The couple has made many films together and they have become the most popular movie stars. As their new film is about to come out, another movie studio creates the first “talking movie”.


Because of this and the way the talking film was accepted and praised by moviegoers, the silent film movie studio wants to keep up and decides to create one also, using the same very popular duo. All would be fine if the female star had a better speaking voice. She has a very high pitched and common tone and it would not make for a good talking movie. They both actors are sent for speech lessons which helps a little for the female lead.


Since there still were issues with the sound of he voices, it is decided to have another actress do the voice after the picture is completed. They then add the new voice to the part of the original actress’ part.


I learned a lot from this movie. I learned that the first “talking movie” was done in the 1920’s and it was called “The Jazz Singer”. I learned that it was difficult to record the voices when they first begun. The movie made it all seem funny, but I think they really had the same issues during filming.


In the scene below, the director is trying to get the star of the film to speak louder and into the microphone. The microphone is in the bush in front of her. When she speaks she keep turning her head and the sound goes in and out. After showing her where the microphone is, he asks her to speak louder. They try the shot again but still can’t hear her. They use a few different ideas to make it easier for her to speak into the microphone. First they sew flowers on the front of her dress and put the microphone in her dress and the flowers are the camouflage. With this idea, all they can then hear is her heartbeat. Then they move the microphone to her shoulder and once again add flowers to camouflage it. This is better and is actually what they use, but when you see the scene after it’s filmed, you can only hear her if she is facing her costar. I think I would have hung it over her head so it would pick up the sound no matter which way she faced.



One of the stars of the movie is Gene Kelly. He is known for many musicals but this is one of the most popular films.   The picture below is when he is singing the theme song of the movie “Singing in the Rain”. The scene is iconic.


jean kelly

During the movie there was a song, “Good Morning, Good Morning” and I had to really listen because I thought I was hearing a commercial. It took me a minute but realized it was a song used in Tropicana commercial that you see on TV now.


I am not one to watch musicals but this was a good learning experience.
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museum of the moving image

The museum of the moving image was an awesome experience. There were tons of cool exhibits to explore.  The sound section was also very interesting.  From this experience I learned sound is very important to movies.  There was a section where they played a scene to you and you had to figure out what song belonged to the scene.  Some of the options were just absurd and didn’t fit at all with the scene.  This showed me the importance in choosing the proper song for a scene.  In another section you were played other scenes and had some of the sound effects were missing.  Then you were given four sound effects to choose from to see which sound effect was the correct one.  And this was a fun because some of the sounds you could choose obviously weren’t the correct ones and they sounded funny going along with the scene.  This helped me see the importance in choosing the correct sound effects to go along with the scene. I also enjoyed the the star wars exhibit and being able to play old fashioned video games was fun.

ADR stands for Additional Dialogue Recording and it is when actors lip-sync lines in the studio.  There was an exhibit where you went in a room and the had a mic.  I didn’t part take in it because i went on a saturday and there was a really long line but I believe you were able to record lines to a movie as if you were doing ADR.  The main reason for ADR i believe is to obtain a clean crisp sound.

Im disappointed that the titanic section wasn’t open because it was a saturday.  I plan on going back during the week just for the titanic section.

Foley is the reproduction of everyday sound effects that are added to film, video, and other media to enhance audio quality.  A foley sound can be taken from basically any sound you hear.yodaaa museum

Week 9 In Class

In this weeks assignments we had four exercises that we had to create a sense of space form the given audio.  The first audio was horses running, the second was men playing poker, third was footsteps and fourth was the parking lot audio.  The most difficult part of this project was the footstep and making them sound closer and further away.  I used the eq and reverb tools to the best of my knowledge but it still was a bit difficult.  It helped me figure out that noises sound different depending on how far they are from you and the further away they are the more echo the will have on them.  My favorite was to create space is making it sound like its moving from left to right with the pan tool.

class assignment week 8 EQ and sound effects

In this class project I played around with the EQ and other sound effects.  I changed the sound of the baby crying to a alien monster baby by using the Dverb effect and clicking the church option.  Then went into the pitch effect and lowered the coarse and radio.  The I changed a song into an old recording by using the Lofi effect.  Under the Lofi effect i added distortion and noise to the track and i also lowered the EQ levels.  Last I made a normal convo sound like it was taking place in space.  For this one I used the flanger effect and played with all the different levels.



Adding Sound Effects

In this project I added sound effects to my audio recording of me reading the beginning of 200 days to Deadhores.  I had to record my voice a few times because I kept messing up while reading. While editing I learned to space in between me reading so I can add the effect.  I chose my effects based on what was being said in the story.  For example there was a scene in the story where the character said he was in a cafe, so I added an audio recording of a busy cafe that I found on youtube and it worked out nicely.