5:00 Recording

Inspired by The Quiet American, I decided to record the ambience of my house on a Saturday┬ámorning. I did this mainly because I wondered how it would sound to hear every little detail, some of which I didn’t really notice. The recording process was fairly easy, I set my Microphone in the center of my kitchen, then in the center of my living room, to record the audio. The only challenge faced were my neighbors, who continued to blast their music; which can be heard in the background a bit. Through this experience I observed the sound of the stove lighting and the sound of the flame, also I also realized how long tv advertisements were, most of the recording were advertisements.

Janai Senior.

Editing the Human Voice

In this piece I interviewed my fellow class mate Edd. The questions were mostly about his origins and the transition to life here in New York, at the end he talks about his first time on the subway. There are noticeable cuts in this piece, showing that the editing process was not fairly easy. We had to move locations in the recording because the background noise was getting into our recording. However, I did my best to try and put this interview together.

Janai Senior.

Working With Microphones

Janai, Sekou And Allison.

Today we were given a task to record with different types of microphones. For this my group used a dynamic microphone and also a Shotgun microphone. The dynamic microphone was used to record an interview with two York College students. This interview is about the recent incident at the Grammy’s , where Kanye jokingly went on stage when Beck won Best Album; reminiscent of his stunt in 2009 with Taylor Swift.

Visualizing Sound

Janai Senior, Ra-Shawn Barino

For this assignment we were given a picture of the waveform of a sound. We were to replicate this waveform by recording our own, while trying to match up the waves as close as possible. We approached it by recording a song by JCole. It was difficult because we had no idea what the waveform would look like, we had to watch the db count, while trying to visualize what it would look like. Screen Shot 2015-02-04 at 4.34.41 PM