Bridesmaids Recording

We used the shotgun microphone and the boom pole to recording these ladies doing a scene from, “Bridesmaids.” I have never seen the movie so it was a little weird to act out for me. So, I was having difficulty having the sound of the video and the audio we recorded to be in sync with each other, but it wasn’t easy. Since this was my first time using this program, I had trouble making sure I understood what the tools were. I also has problems with both audios playing at the same time because they were playing at different speeds, so I had to do some cutting and moving the pieces around to get it to sound as close to each other as I can.

Singin’ in the Rain

The movie, “Singin’ in the Rain,” is about the evolution of the film industry. In the beginning, films were in black and white and didn’t have sounds. All you see is the black and white imaging and the words would appear on the screen. It is not like closed captioning, you didn’t hear the voices of the actors at all. All you hear is the instrumental music that would play to help build emotion and suspense as the film would progress.

Don and Lina are famous actors that are known for great silent films. Their success is great until people decide that they want to see “Talking Pictures.” In other words, like the films we have today, they want to be able to hear the voices of the actors instead of just the music. What seems like a great discovery turns into a challenge because the film directors are unaware of what they have to do in order to have the voices in the films.

As I watched the film, I learned how the film industry was able to progress to a new stage. Silent films were a great thing in the past. However, the film industry began to grow bigger and more entertaining when they added the voices of the actors. Also, they were able to add sound effects to the film. The task of adding sound was a challenge for most film directors during the time. If they didn’t figure how things could work during the 1920’s, today, we may or may have not been able to come up with the technology to make the changes to the silent films that were once the greatest films.

In the scene that was posted, the film director is having difficulty with recording the voices of the actors. First, the Lina was talking, but not into the microphone that was hidden in the bush. She tried to continue speaking while still moving as was supposed to move before. You are able to hear her voice, but only when she was directly looking at the bush. When she moved to side, you wouldn’t hear her voice as clear. The director became upset and decided to put the microphone hidden in a decoration to her dress so that they can hear her properly. Once again, it didn’t work and he continued to try new ways to make the microphone be able to get every part of Lina’s voice.

After each attempt, they were unable to get what they wanted. If technology was advanced enough at the time, I would have tried to make the microphone wireless as it can be today. With that, Lina or any other actor can be able to move and speak clearly without trouble. Anywhere they go, they would be able to speak at a far distance or close to the camera as they need to be. Also, possibly, if it was small, I might put a few around the neck area to get every angle. That would make things so much easier and would help this film director from getting so aggravated like he was.




This articles talks about the causes and effects of tinnitus. Tinnitus is a medical condition in the brain which causes a permanent effect of ringing to happen in the ears of a person. This is caused by a person listening to very loud music. The loud music causes damage to the person’s hair cells, making them no longer to transmit impulses as it did before.

If you go to a concert, you know the music is going to be loud and that alone can cause tinnitus. However, sometimes, it is not too strong that it can some minor damage, but not fully. Another thing that contribute to tinnitus is large and loud explosions. Even some people who have been involved in war can get tinnitus from the bombings that occur.

When properly inserted, foam earplugs block out dangerous frequencies . . . Most agree that if earplugs are going to “cut out” any important sounds, it’ll be vocals, which sit on the high end of the mix and are hardest to capture because of the artist’s distance from the mic and the fact that they are constantly moving. Audiologists, however, agree that vocals aren’t loud enough to be blocked out even from cheap earplugs, which are designed to cut out only the dangerous frequencies.”

This quote states that foam earplugs can help in preventing damage from happening by blocking out the dangerous frequencies. This statement is true because the sounds will be blocked and make sure that sound will not be too loud for you to handle. However, it can also block out the vocals of the singer(s). You won’t be able understand what the singer(s) is actually saying. As said in the quote, there is already difficulty understanding the words because of the movement of their dancing and the distance between them and the microphone. So, using the earplugs might cause more difficulty with hearing.

Listening to a sound of 20,000 hertz or more will cause your ears real damage as that is the limit to what an average human can hear. Venues play music loud based on the amount of people. Also, they can not change the range of the sound too much or often because of the difficulty it is.

I have mixed feelings about if a venue lowered the music. I feel that it would be a good idea because it can help in lowering the chances that people can be affected by tinnitus. Also, it depends on the venue because sometimes, having the music loud is necessary for people to be able to hear the words properly and clearly.

Other people might feel differently about the music being at a lower volume than usual. They might want it to be very loud so that they can feel the music and enjoy dancing to it. Also, the beat of the bass helped in making the show more enjoyable. It really depends on the size of the room and the crowd that in attending the show.


Loneliness Whale

1. World’s Loneliest Whale

This article was about the legend of the loneliest whale in the world and how the legend came to be. The Navy were boating in the Pacific Ocean when they heard a strange sound. Some thought they knew what it was and then, they realized that they don’t know what it is. The noticed hat the sound reached 52 hertz. When it comes to the frequencies that the whales voices can reach, 52 hertz is a lot louder than the average frequency. With that, they couldn’t believe that a whale could be so loud. Usually, whales have a frequency of 15-20 hertz.

The sounds whales make are usually for things such as communicating with other whales, and finding food. However, as they looked into it, there were no other whales along with him. Based on the sounds that he made, he was recognized to be a blue whale specifically. Also, with the fact that he was swimming with no one, it was realized that he was making sounds of loneliness. With that, he was given the name, “52 Blue.”

People became attracted to the story of this whale. Because the sounds he made sounded as though he wanted someone to be with and love, people were able to relate to his loneliness or even loss. They were able to relate to him because of their own experiences. For example, a person in England felt she can feel how the whale does because she lost her brother at a young age. She feels the loss and emptiness that was caused of the incident when she was young.

Another person thought of the whale when they went through a difficult break up. They were together for years until it was ended. For that, they decided to have a tattoo that represented 52 Hertz to express the pain of being alone and to feel something great has been lost.

The story of 52 Hertz was popular among people that a film director decided to make it into a film. Josh Zeman was struck with the story because of his relation to it. During the time, he was struggling with effects of a break up.

“One of the themes of Zeman’s film is modern loneliness, that people are particularly responsive to the story of 52 in the digital era—when the Internet promises connectivity but can actually deliver us even deeper into isolation.”

Reading this quote, my thoughts are that it means that we all can relate to the loneliness and sorrow that the whale can feel. Even using the internet can help to show what he is going through. However, not everyone can feel the same about the story. Many of us can feel bad for him or want to do something to make him happy. Others can feel that this isn’t something that we need to be concerned about.

I feel that caring about this whale is something we should do. He is all along with no other. He is a part of the world and is a being that needs support no matter where he is.



Week 09 Option #1

To make them seem as though they are coming from the left, I used Pan and other volume to make it low and then, high as they made their way in front of me. I also used a little Reverb to make a light echo at the end of the running.

I used the Pan and volume to make it sound as if one is closer than the other and they are talking from different points. Along with that, there was at least one or two more men, so I made it so they are sitting right in front of me and I am playing poker too. Just I have nothing to say.

I edited the parking lot clip by using Pan to change the direction of the voices and volume to make the Professor’s voice louder and her friend’s voice lower. I also used Reverb to help with making the friend’s voice echo inside the parking lot. I also used the EQ to make is sound like it came from far away, but not too far.

I took the sound of footsteps and made them seem as though someone is walking to me and then, walks away. To do that, I used Pan to make the direction of the sound change. Then, I used the EQ to make it sound like it was far in a hallway coming and going.

Old Song

Along with the baby alien, I did the simple song turned old. I used the same things I did with the baby alien, but I tried to focus it more on listening to it on an old record player. Anyway, it was kind of hard figuring out how each button function to get to what it sounds like now. It was fun though.

Baby Alien

Here is the baby turned alien that I did in Pro Tools. In order to get it to be as it is, I used a few things in the AudioSuite. To be specific, I used the  EQ-7Band to put some of the sounds over each other. I also used the Modulation Sci-Fi to get it to the alien-like wave sound you hear. Lastly, the pitch was both high and low. The challenge was figuring out how an alien baby would sound high or low. Enjoy!

Week 7: Storytelling

I chose to read aloud ” A Tiny Town with the Spirit of Oz” by Francis DiClemente. This story covers the strong and historical impact done by the Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum. This movie was based on his book. It became a great commercial success and was able to have it’s own museum. In there, you can find many things.

If you want to read it:


So, I took pieces from the story and added music and quotes from the movie to make it more exciting. I decided to make this like a documentary since it is talking about history.

Vox Pop

We interviewed a a few people on questions that were political, but false. We asked them the questions to see their reactions. We asked them about how they felt about the George Washington bridge being moved to another state. Also, we asked them about their thoughts if they legalized torture for the people in prison.

It was fun seeing their reactions and they were priceless. The challenge I faced was each person we interviewed, I did separate recordings causing a lot of editing. That means it took time to get it done. Now, I know not to make the mistake again. Along with that, I added sound to it. I had to lower the volume of the music because it was louder than the voices of the people. I also made the voices a little louder so we can hear what the people are saying more clear.