Final Project “Away from home”

A way from home is a podcast, about people who moved to the United States, expressing the conflicts and struggles they faced when they first came here, how did they adapt to a new culture, and new lifestyle.

My first episode was with Mr.Abed Elkeshk “The College of Saint Vincent Vice President” who spoke about his life and how he started as a busboy  and ended as the vice president of one of New York’s City great colleges.

Check out the track and give me your feedbacks.


My second episode was with Ahmed from Iraq, when I first interviewed him I thought he was just a regular immigrant who moved to New York with his family, because they’re looking for better opportunities or for some other  common reason, but what I came up with in this episode was a total different story, please check it out, it’s worth it !!


PART II Additional Assignments

Read and respond to this article about the music industry and hearing loss.

WORTH: 10 points

The article is about how much sound or waves can human beings take, or listen to. The struggle that some musicians or listeners face when they are exposed to loud music, not just music any loud feature that would hurt the human’s ear. Tinnitus or ringing in the ear, is the feeling of of hearing ringing or buzzing or other sounds, it is often worse than loud noise, it is usually noticeable at night when the person is trying to fall asleep.  It is the perception of sound when no external sound is present.  The article exposing the extreme danger that might occur to humans when they are exposed to loud music and that might lead them to lose the sense of hearing. Usually the common things causes Tinnitus is getting old around age 60 or so, exposure to loud noise, ear bone changes and earwax blockage without cleaning the ear every once in a while.

 The author is referring the earplugs block to help prevent musicians and listeners from losing their hearing sense, but the author cleared out the dangerous frequencies which is vocals and how that despite having a earplug block the vocals would not be blocked because it is sit on the high end of the mix and hard to capture because the artist usually have a little bit of distance between him and the mic and it is movable. The typical venue is usually played ranges from 98db to 115db and that may result in hearing loss. Most venus are played that much loud because artists can not simply control it and some  they want to be able to hear themselves clearly and loud. 1khz and 4khz are regarded as the most dangerous frequency areas humans. The ear amplifies the 4khz area the most so 1khz is considered to be the most physically damaging frequency to the ear.

If music were played quieter at shows I would not probably feel as much excited nor dancing or crazy like how I feel in a loud atmosphere, I guess it is a matter of adaption as well, people got used to loud concerts and shows, they got used to party which means loud music, people acting crazy and happy. People would not feel as much excited as it should be when it is loud. Also loud music is a symbol of attraction, this is how shows attract their audience and make them focus and feel entertained by the show or the music itself. 

 Singing in the rain 

This was a film about Don Lockwood who was a silent film star, dancer and singer and Lina Lamount. It is a musical comedy about the hollywood picture in the late 1920’s and how people transmitted from silent movies to sound ones. Lina felt in love with Don who ended up falling in love with someone else.  The sound appeared around the late 1920’s and early 1930’s. The film at first was not successful and eventually they came up with the idea of musical sounds.

What I have learned from the history of the film industry that I’m pretty sure it was weird watching to objects without having sound, and that people started engaging more and more when sounds began engaging in films. I also believe that sounds made it much easier to communicate and no better because sounds such music, effects or any other form of sound is very effective in our lives nowadays.

Sound were added to films in the late 1920’s. It was mainly added to compete with other film companies and create something different and capable of better communication and make more money. Adding sound faced some challenges such as syncing dialogue with the characters, also getting the audience to get used to having characters with sound was very progressive and recording the sound itself were pretty challenging especially during this era of the film industry where things were kind of primitive in a way.

5. Read this interview about sound artist Hildegard Westerkamp and write a response.
WORTH: 10 points

Hildegard Westerkamp is  is a German and Canadian composer, radio artist and sound ecologist 
She composed many compositions that had to deal with acoustic environment. Her themes were mostly about urban or rural areas that has sounds, sometimes noises or silence.  She is a pioneering figure within the field of soundscape studies and sound ecology and an integral member of the World soundscape project. She presents soundscape workshops, performs, writes and lectures internationally.

A soundscape is the study of acoustic ecology, it is the combination of sounds that is formed from an immersive environment. It includes natural acoustic environments such as  plants,weather, animals vocalization also environmental sounds made by humans, musical sounds, conversations, work, mechanical machines.

Soundscape recordings are excerpts of moments in time, nothing else. What she meant was the point of the sound recordings is to listen to it once, and not to keep re-playing it over and over again and that in this moment they should be focusing to keep it the memory. In the soundscape the whole point is not to depend on “Playback”, and it always depends on the person and how they work with the recording. Memory stays active regarding to the use of the incidents in the back of our heads.

Soundwalk is basically the purpose of listening to environment, nature, this term was first used by the World soundscape project under the leader R.Murray Schafer. The essential purpose of the soundwalk is to encourage the participant to listen accurately, and moreover, to make critical judgments about the sounds heard and their contribution to the balance or imbalance of the sonic environment.

I think Hildegrad’s work is pretty impressive and creative just to have the patience to stop at each place to listen to the sound of nature. A lot of people has no patience for it, they’re mostly in rush.  I think her work was pretty interesting, when I listened to the piece she recorded, it grabbed my attention to finish it until the end, the sound of animals and different industrial areas around, that was massive. I got the chance to hear all the soft and natural sounds around. It might be boring for some other people but I believe nature is a beautiful thing to enjoy and hear.




PART II: Come up with your own idea for a podcast

If I ever had my own show I would call it “Fe elGhorba”, it’s an Arabic word that means Alienation, but the literal translation is not as it sounds, it’s more of a group of people who belong to a certain nation or certain community and they leave their homeland and immigrate to a different country, getting used to different traditions and values. This show is targeting all the people who left their country and started all over in a different place.

My audience would be immigrants, the people who were not born in the United States and moved all the way here to whether receive a certain degree, or to work and make money or for better future. This show is targeting Egyptians living in the United States of America in specific.

Fe El Ghorba show is about Egyptians who come to the United States and start living here, the struggles they face and all the conflicts they go through. In Egypt a lot of people believe that whoever lives in the United States are pretty lucky , and they have better chances. The idea of the show is to expose that life here is not as simple as they assume and that people here are struggling as much as they struggle back in Egypt. What made me create this show is the amount of Egyptians coming here and struggling life here. All my friends back in Egypt are assuming that I’m getting the best salary in the world, and my education is way more easy than Egypt. They assume that the government is giving me money every month that I don’t have to work, they believe that everything here is way more flexible and simple. Back in Egypt children are not allowed to move out until they get married, they can’t really be independent it’s not because they don’t want to, but it’s because this is the culture. Probably back in Egypt there isn’t as much opportunities as here, but opportunities here depends on the economy and the country’s stability.

I would be the host of this show and I would want to have my podcast for about 30 to 45 min  just to have the time to interview different people and put different episodes into the one episode presented.

Some of my ideas would be interviewing the halal food guys “people with food carts in the streets”; New York are full of them,and most of them are Egyptians. Also I would interview one successful Egyptian businessmen, someone who started from scratch such as working as a waiter and now they own their own business. I would bring an example of failure, someone who came here and they couldn’t adapt to the lifestyle here nor the people, and they’re willing to go back.

I’m pretty sure such this show is going to expose a lot of immigrants’s  struggle, it is going to expose the real meaning of being alienated to a place that you do not know anyone, a place you are trying to create your own connections from scratch, friends, co-workers, and family.

Week 10 Assignment: Listening to and Creating Podcasts PartI

The podcast is a digital medium that consists of episodic series of audio. Episodes gathered together to create a sequence of digital form of media. It’s basically a form of broadcast “show” over the web and is broken up into parts or episodes. Most podcasts are similar to news radio programs , some of them are music shows, or gospe.
I picked two different shows from “The Heart”one called “One-Day’s love”- The subway” which was a story about this girl who fell in love a random guy who she met by the subway at one late night, and how they started laughing and listening to music together until she had to get off the train for her stop, and she never met him again. The other episode called “Beauty is pain”, it’s about a Trans girl, who always felt ugly about herself. She was explaining how she wanted to have plastic surgery and look as fabulous as other girl that she sees, but she can’t afford it. Eventually she went to get some injections through the “Black Market” that had to deal with a lot of illegal stuff and how she got sick after a while of having these injections.
The episodes were full of different effects, a lot of music mixes, a lot of different parties such as interviewees, adding effects regarding the person’s reaction or expression of saying things which made it more suspense to get the audience attention and catch their focus. It was different vibes of  “Comedy music, funny comments, romantic scenes, sound effects regarding the moment and the interpretation between scenes and clips. 

The tone for the first Episode “One-Day’s love” The Subway” was a tone of love and romance. The other episode was was sad, despair, informative and very conversational. 

I think both episodes were pretty interesting and full of various forms, whether in effects or scenes or people being interviewed. I liked the variety of each episode; it is such a big shot in catching the audience’s attention. Probably what I did not like much is the second episode “Beauty is Pain” because it was too long, I got a little bit bored in the middle while it had a lot of information especially when different people talked about their personal experiences and the medical doctor at the end speaking about the illegal surgeries done by non-authorized people such as the black market mentioned. 

Both episodes were full of great sense of music, effects and vibes. I enjoyed listening to both especially when things like the episode “one day love” happens to many people, when you meet someone that you fall in love with just from the first sight or the first conversation and you simply never meet that person again, you might meet them once in a lifetime but it felt like knowing them for ages. Also the “Beauty is pain”, is an image of a lot of girls’s struggle nowadays. How many girls out there do their best just to lose weight, or try to go through surgeries just to look as fit as that girl in the magazine. Both episodes were part of reality it was not fiction, which made it more interesting and negotiable.  

Week 7: Stories with Sound FX

This is recording of a period of my life, when I lost my voice. My main passion in life is having my own show, hosting shows and be an anchor.

One day I received a phone call from one of the famous Radio hosts in Tunisia, he picked me out of bunch of other Radio hosts to actually host one of his Radio shows on Air. When I received this phone call I was the happiest person on earth. Couple days later I had sour throat, I thought it was just cold, but my voice sounded weird for couple weeks, the producer had to actually warn me that my voice sound unfamiliar and different on the radio.

I went I had some X-Rays and figured that I have a tumor on my vocal chords,I had to actually do a surgery to gain back my voice, and I wasn’t able to speak for about 2 months. After the dream that I was waiting for I had to actually give it up because I was sick.

I was depressed and felt like this is the end of the world, but 3 months later, I started gaining my voice slowly, it was too late to go back to my show as he already replaced me with another Radio host.

I won’t say that this incident didn’t affect my life badly, it actually did, but I believe that everything happens for a reason.

Check this short recorder, explaining how my life was and how I survived without speaking for 2 months !

Class mate interview


I interviewed Whitney, I asked her about her childhood and her parents’s relationship, below was her answer.

I chose that part of the interview, because parents’s relationship influence their children whether in a good way or in a bad way..

she basically was explaining how relationship should work and how that there should be understanding so the relationship would work.

Whitney explained her life with her parents and how that she wants to see them happy,

check the audio below and leave feedback

Thank you.

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