Podcast entitled: Conspiracies, and Pon the corner




These podcast were a fun final project, there were challenges throughout especially keeping up with people, and editing. I think the final projects came out great. I want to thank DJ Romeo, and YOUNG WESS for the time and participation, as well as Allyson, Lue, Awa, Imani, and everyone else that made these project possible, also thanks to Cassie for giving me opportunity to express my self.

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Take one


In this project we were instructed to use the boom mic, and what ever device to record video. This was a fun project, we got be in a big group which is always good for me(it just takes off the pressure). The scene was from Pulp Fiction, which Romareo and Allyson had acted. The did a great job in the end and me and Maria, took great footage and I think we captured the sound well.

The most difficult part of the project was the editing aspect, just to get Final Cut pro to work properly was a task, but once Cassie helped me to get things going everything else was smooth sailing. Although I do not believe I will be doing any sound production as a professional, I do believe that this project will help me in the future as I am pursuing a career in computer animation, and visual effects.



So the story took place after the cold war, in the depths of the pacific ocean.  There were hydro phones left over from the the prior wars, they were used to pick up signals from submarines in the cold war. They were declassified and were used for and just were used for more scientific reasons.

This all changed on december 7 in 1992 when, the hydrophones recorded, a strange sound that came in at 52 hertz, after many speculation a petty officer 2nd class named Velma Ronquille decided to give this a second look on the spectograph. She was the first one to speculate that it was a whale. The reason why most did not suspect this kind of creature was that a blue whale normally clocks in at 15 to 20 hertz. They can be the loudest animals in the world and  males  normally sing at around 180 decibels.

There were many people who said that the whale might have cannot hear, as well as other suggestions that the whale was making mating calls. The reason of this high pitched noise was still unknown, but what is known is that there were no responses to it from other whales. People where drawn to this story for the most part  because of its relatablility.  deaf people speculated that the while might have a handicap that did not allow it to communicate practically with other whales, and many other people related to the feeling of being alone and still forcing oneself to strive for better, so the whale to them had a symbolic meaning , others just have a fascination with whales in general. A big part of why the whale became so popular was because, the story was capitalized on buy the music industry. There were a multitude of songs for this whale, someone even turned out an entire album dedicated to the whale. ultimately this whale became a source of inspiration to many people.

In this specific article the quote, “One of the themes of Zeman’s film is modern loneliness, that people are particularly responsive to the story of 52 in the digital era—when the Internet promises connectivity but can actually deliver us even deeper into isolation.”(Jameson). refers to the whale story as a metaphorical comparison to us as humans. This is  a topic I feel is a very controversial one, but it is a topic I have done many research about . The truth (based on my understanding) is that humans live in an ever evolving world where things that are apart of our lives are easily replaced, because we are very easily bored an d are continuously seeking out new and more interesting things. The connectivity that we get from things in the digital era, is also what isolates us because, as humans we are losing touch we with people on  a more personal level and replacing that with keeping things at face value. One most common example is the era of smart phones, we walk through streets with our heads down not aware of our surroundings, never looking anyone in the eye. In a way have are more interested in what is going on the instagram world, than flesh world. In relation to the whales though, I really do not see how this all ties in. I think people have a great respect for the largest animal on the planet and I believe that is totally fine.  I however always become thrown off when a person can say “I wish we could all help and play whale songs for him.” She wanted to know why “we can build laptops and smart phones but we cannot figure out a way to get this whale some companionship?”(a woman named Pamela) .




This article is about hearing loss suffered by musicians and fans alike, due to over exposure to extremely loud music this. One of the most common effects of hearing loss in the music industry is a syndrome called tinnitus, this effects a person over periods of time and is as a result of listening to excessive loud noise over a period of time. I damages the blood cells and nerves used specifically for hearing, and has said to produce a ringing sensation in the ear, this ring  can prevent one from normal day activities, and is normally coupled with permanent hearing loss.

The  solution some have found was to simply wear ear plugs this is not always the most popular, for a few reasons one specifically was mentioned in the following quote by the author;“When properly inserted, foam earplugs block out dangerous frequencies . . . Most agree that if earplugs are going to “cut out” any important sounds, it’ll be vocals, which sit on the high end of the mix and are hardest to capture because of the artist’s distance from the mic and the fact that they are constantly moving. Audiologists, however, agree that vocals aren’t loud enough to be blocked out even from cheap earplugs, which are designed to cut out only the dangerous frequencies.” The issue with this quote is that the earplugs reduce the amount of noise that travel to the ear making  hard for certain noises to be heard, this especially becomes a evident in the vocals as artist move around while performing, and keep distance from a mike, Audiologist however feel that this is not true and that even with the cheapest earplugs you can find will not cut out vocals completely. As a person who is a Dj, and his been actively around sound systems for years, personally it is the low bass frequency that does the damage, physically you can feel the vibrations running through the floors and the walls and , I have personally loss my hearing temporarily after standing in front of one of those speakers for hours. The normal club plays music between 90 and 120 decibels from my understanding, way above what humans perceive as normal and in most cases as the night goes on the music only gets louder. This is so because louder music excerpts higher energy levels among patrons the feel of the environment and the music blasting gives people the sense of a party.

In a personal sense I believe that making venues turn down the volume is a bad thing, I don’t think it will be so well received by people but it is better for the long run, and as far as I am concerned anything that benefits people in the long run I am for it. The truth is  good music is good music I personally I enjoy loud music, but if the music if it boils down to hearing the songs  as loud as I want and being deaf, I would rather turn it down. It is hard to listen to your favorite song when you can’t hear it.


sound walking

Hildelgard Weseterkamp is a artist composer and ecologist, she and a team of other professionals in and outside of music has banded together to capture the sounds of everyday in the urban environments of Vancouver,  they have been doing so in the since the 1970’s and have been documenting ( in  sound form ) the changes in the urban landscape for for artistic and research purposes.  the quote by her that said, “Soundscape recordings are excerpts of moments in time, nothing else.”  means that the listener should only expect that. There are is also nothing scripted or composed it was just her and her team walking around, and capturing what it sounds like to be in that type of urban environment.  She did this to invoke a heightened awareness from the listener in order to make the fully aware of there environment.

In the article she was asked what were sound walks in which she describes from her website as walking around with a sense of purpose, the purpose is listen intensely to the surroundings, and to yourself, she says you should start of by “listening to the sounds of your  body first” and then exploring outwards, this seems like some kind of train exercise for listening . I believe the ultimate goal of this and her work is to give people a heightened sense of things in general because people live in a fast paced world where many things in life are ignored, and she  wants people to listen a bit more.

personally I believe in what she is trying to do she, has found a problem we she feels is valid in society and is trying to fix it and I commend her for her efforts. She has found a way to not only capture moments in time that would have been lost to time it self,  but  has applied a philosophy to it that can be enhance the way people see their world. I think her work is interesting, and should be adopted by most people, maybe not in every instance but as a form of relaxation or meditation. As I stated before there are many people on this earth who just go about their daily lives without any appreciation for the little things in life, and one can be very surprised on how much the little things in life that we pass by can truly affect us. She has captured many things in life, and those experiences can live on because she took the effort to make them live on so, as much as I do not think it will become widespread I believe that some one had to do it.

Singing in the rain


This was a story about Don Lockwood a silent film star and a leading lady Lina lamont, this signifies the start of movies that moved from silent films to films that that had sound recorded, and is under the genre of a musical comedy . The sounds started appearing in films around the late 1920’s to and early 1930s.


In this specific scene she was trying to recorded ,  but had problems as the mic was in the bush and she could not , they could not get her voice to be recorded while she spoke, after this did not work they attempted to attach the mic between her breast, the problem with this was that the mic was picking up her heartbeat, then they  came up  with another solution which was to pin it to her shoulder the recording finally came in but was interrupted again by a cast member who pulled the mic cord and sent her flying.

pots and panning

This in-class project, I found to be a lot of fun. I had slight mistakes during the process, especially in the horse project when I realized there was a pause right in the middle of the track, which I did not have the time to fix. In the Poker Game project I had major mistakes when I was trying to piece everything together and input cross fades to make the men sound organic, I screwed up the entire track and had to re-do the entire track over I got it done but, I wish there was a way to cross fade across multiple tracks. The parking lot scene I had the most success wit, I tried to make this scene seem as real as possible. I imagined myself in that space walking with Cassie and her friend, in doing so I came to the realization that I had to not only pan both voices but also, to put effects on both to give a real sense of space in the project, overall I am proud of myself and happy that I was actually able to finally finish an in class project in class.

My space monster mutant demon baby hybrid something

I have  used the EQ to bring up the low ends based on the frequency in which the professor told us baby normally use. I used to copies of the same track one to give it a normal baby sound and the the other to tweek. Eventually I added some modulation(flanger, sci-fi)[soundcloud params=”auto_play=false&show_comments=true”]https://soundcloud.com/djstmusic/mb4[/soundcloud][soundcloud params=”auto_play=false&show_comments=true”]https://soundcloud.com/djstmusic/mb4[/soundcloud] to make the voice sound, more sci-fi, and brought the pitch down using pitch shift.

voodoo fx

I choose the Dakaar piece for my sound effects project because I wanted to tell a creepy story, in the future I would like to have a career in special effects, and animation so this gave me an opportunity to do so using sound. I felt bad about trying to replicate Muslim scriptures for such a project, I felt did what I did was necessary, I wanted to give an not a scary vibe to this piece but more of a strange one.

The effects I used were the chanting, I also used some night time Savannah sounds, as well as a knife pull and a chicken noise. Unfortunately there was a limited amount of stuff I found that was suitable but, I believe I did the best I could with what I have.

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school trip

This was originally a 20 minute recorded trip to school , which I condensed down to 2 minutes I normally stop at the store , and sometime use the ATM machine when I am low on cash, I normally get a Redbull, a pack of cigarettes, and always say “whats up” to Papi behind the counter. The gut in the background is one of my neighbors, he is what some people like to call an O.G. He is normally hanging out around the store, coincidently we both got on the same dollar cab, the guy running the dollar cab is a familiar face too, After I get out of the cab I said good-bye to my friend and walked up from liberty and sutphin to school.

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