(5) rocked by doubt

This is about the radiolab piece Lulu Miller, and the Jeff Vainiard story the radio show was about two people, and there life journey. They were two strangers who decided to bike through the desert in Utah, they both had their own individual reasons for taking this trip, but the common reason was that they were both trying to find some kind of enlightenment, and a sense of inner purpose.

Lulu and Jeff met each other at a diner, and decided that they should ride together, Lulu had a thing for rocks, and Jeff was actually a rock expert, during the trip lulu came to an epiphany when Jeff explained to her that sedimentary rocks were made up of living organisms. This restored her love for rocks, but meanwhile she had found herself Jeff lost himself, during this trip Jeff explained to her that he was didn’t believe in god anymore, and that he was getting married to a christian woman, and did not know what he felt.

Personally I liked the story, it took the listener on a mental/emotional  journey, and really was inspirational, I believe that the added audio from the actual bike trip, and the wedding, etc. made the piece a lot more familiar, and the fact that everyone was happy at the end made it a good story. As far as  dislikes I found most of them in the technical issues in the piece, I found myself confused at multiple times, on what was actually being said during the interview, and what was prerecorded. I also found faults with the host of the show there was just too many sound effects, and I think he spoke a little too much for my liking. The imagery was well implied There were many visuals I noticed the rock, the diner, the singing, i could have even imagined the wedding, and the wedding invitation in the mail. I think that was more Lulu, I think she has a very descriptive way of speech, and is really good with details.The part that stood out was the sigh at wedding there was a lot of emotion and so much said without anything being said. The producers I do not believe had too many issues apart from piecing everything together Lulu is a good story teller.


This interview is an article from bomb Magazine it was an interview done for Pauline Oliveros she is a teacher, and the creator of a style of teaching she calls deep listening , Deep listening is mainly training a person to listen to to certain sounds, in certain spaces with, under certain circumstances, in order to get a deeper understanding of sound, without the use of drugs. She uses a lot of unconventional means to produce sounds, mainly through the use of technology, and through physical, exercise in order to put students into a meditative state, which she feels helps them to appreciate sound in a deeper way.
In the article there were many interesting parts, some of my favorites was when she explained that she uses the interenet2, which is reserved for the US government, just to support her her internet traffic, this stood out for me because it is remarkable to seem someone at her age,  to be so in tune with technology. The other part that stuck out to me was when she mentioned Lt. Data from Star Trek .  I  liked that one especially for personal reasons, I am a fellow trekky, and I agree with the fact that him being android would make him a perfect test subject for Deep listening, but I think she under-estimates Data .I also believe that the part about her being timeless and never confined to a moment in history is true because her ability to adapt, and improvise really does make here timeless.

sounds of silence

This was an article about Jonny Cage’s 4’33” piece, which was a four minute long moment of silence. during hios performance he sat in front of a piano at a benefit concert and sat there for four minutes without playing a single note. The piece got a lot of mixed reviews from it being called “Avant Garde” to it be a hoax.

Cage’s view was that the piece was a statement that music should not  follow any specific set of rules and should be allowed freedom, He also explained that it was his most difficult composed piece and was the longest to deliver to the public. he wanted people to see that the ambient sounds were more interesting, than pre-composed music.

In my personal opinion I believe that that John was a smart man who new that in order to get his name out there he had to step out of the box, but instead of stepping out of the box he discarded the box all together. He was smart enough to know that the controversy and ridicule he would get from such a piece of music would result in his favor because, all publicity is good publicity. I would not have ever heard of about this man, if it was not for this piece, and Jonny Cage would forever just be a character from Mortal Kombat.  I do not like it from a technical standpoint for the same reason I do not like abstract art there is a lack of technique being showed, and is disguised under the cloak of freedom, and self-expression. In my eyes this does a discredit to people of real skill, and talent. Despite this I am an opportunist and ultimately, I feel we should do whatever works for us, so if 4 minutes of silence can make you famous then, why not do it.