In Class Assignment Week 14: Final Project Proposal

WORTH: 20 points
DUE: Today, Wed 4/29

PART I: Come up with at least three ideas for the final project. Write them down. Discuss with classmates. Which of the projects are most doable? Which are most exciting? Which are you most drawn to? Do you have people in mind to talk to? What are difficulties that would arise with them?

PART II: Write a one page TYPED proposal. Spell check it, read it over for grammar, print it out and hand in. Please answer the following questions:

1. What is your idea?
2. Why did you chose it? How does it relate to the kind of media work you want to do?
3. How will you present this project? On a blog you create? On our class blog? Why did you pick this particular method?
4. What is the SCALE of the project? How long will the piece be or how many people will you interview?
5. What gear will you need? Where will you get the gear?
6. What tasks will you need to accomplish from today until 5/6 in order to be prepared to work in class?
7. What tasks can you do in class next week? This is part of your grade!
8. How can you use in class work time to your advantage? I.e. would you want feedback from students or teacher?


DUE: 5/13

For your final project you will be producing a multimedia sound project of your choosing.

Some Options:
1. Take your podcast idea from Week 10 (or another idea) and produce 2 different episodes of this podcast.
2. Write and produce a radio drama or story
3. Produce an audio documentary
4. Create a bank of sound effects that you recorded yourself
5. Produce an oral history project
6. Or another project of your choosing

We will discuss these options in class on 4/29. Come to class with ideas!

In Class Assignment Week 13: Shotgun Mic + Boom Pole

Worth: 20 points
Due: Post VIDEO to the class blog by Wed 4/29 by 2:00 pm

In groups of 4 – choose ONE of the following scenes to produce. Print out 2 scripts per group.

Film the scene on your phone or video camera and record sound with a shotgun mic and boom pole. Take turns so that EVERYONE has a chance to record the sound with shotgun mic and boom pole. MAKE SURE TO SLATE EACH SCENE. Sync the audio and video in Final Cut Pro. Export the video, upload to YouTube and embed on the class blog.

Write a blog post in which you answer the following questions: What was your experience like booming the scene? What was challenging about operating the boom mic? How did it turn out? What would you do differently in the future?

Week 10 Assignment: Listening to and Creating Podcasts

Worth: 20 points
Due: Wed April 15 by 2:00 pm

PART I: Listen and Respond
Listen to ONE HOUR  of any other these podcasts, or combinations of them: Some are short – so listen to multiple episodes. Some are an hour – so you could listen to just one. Or you could listen to part of one and part of another.

Another Round
Welcome to Nightvale
The Read
Call Your Girlfriend
Love + Radio
The Heart
Yo, Is this Racist?
My Brother, My Brother and Me

Write a 500 word blog post about the episode, answering the following questions:
What is a podcast? How is it different from other kinds of media?
What show did you pick? Why?
What episode did you listen to?
How would you describe this podcast to someone who had never heard of it? What did they talk about?
What was the tone — funny, conversational, informative, weird?
What did you think? what did you like? What didn’t you like?
Would you listen again?

PART II: Come up with your own idea for a podcast

Write a 500 word proposal for a blog you would like to produce. Tell us:
What would the SHOW be about? Title?
Who is your intended audience?
What makes you want to create this show?
Who would be the host? How long would it be?
What are 3 ideas for specific episodes or segments?

*** developing this idea into a podcast will be one of your options for the final project!!

Week 9 In Class Assignment OPTION #2

Worth: 20 points
Due: April 1, 2015

AS A REMINDER: You can only get points for in class work if you are IN CLASS. Not coming to class means you forfeit the points.

Based on the activities we did in class – produce and edit your own mini scene in which you use pan, EQ, volume, and reverb to establish a sense of space. 1-2 minutes. Be creative!

You must use ALL FOUR TOOLS! Please take screenshots of each so we can see what you did.

Bounce, upload to SoundCloud and post to class blog. Also post your four screenshots and answer these questions:
1. what is the scene you created? what is the story?
2. what was your approach? How did you use the tools. Please tell us IN DEPTH. Use words like high frequency, low frequency, mid frequency, decay, wet, dry, pan, volume, etc. so we can really a sense of how you achieved the effect.

In Class Assignment Week 9 OPTION #1

Worth: 20 points
Due: April 1, 2015 at 2:00 pm

Bounce and upload to SoundCloud. Post to class blog.
Answer these questions:
What was hard about this project?
What did you figure out?
What is your favorite way to create a sense of space?

Exercise #1: HORSES
Using the PAN tool, edit the audio so it sounds like the horses are approaching from one direction, passing you, and leaving in the other direction.

Exercise #2: POKER
Using the PAN tool, edit the audio so each of the men speaking are coming from a different part of the room. 

Exercise #3: FOOTSTEPS
Using the PAN, VOLUME, EQ, REVERB and/or DELAY tools edit the audio so the footsteps so they move by you and into the distance. How do you make it sound like the footsteps are far away?

Exercise #4: PARKING LOT
Using PAN, EQ and REVERB tools, edit the audio so it sounds like the two people are yelling at each other from across a parking lot. One person will be close and the other far.