In class Assignment 7

For this assignment we were supposed to record ourselves reading a story for 2 minutes. Then load it into Pro Tools and add sound effects to make the story come to life. So I decided to do a basketball story, because it is something that I enjoy.  I can relate to this story because I used to do this when I was young. So when I picked this story I knew I can make the story come to life like how it would in my head. So the sounds that I picked are the sounds that used to play in my head when I was younger. This is how it turned out…

Sekou Interview

This is an interview I did with Sekou, I was just trying to get to know his interests and career path. I originally did not know what to ask but after I asked the first question the rest of the questions started to flow. I found the editing part of this assignment fairly easy, but I had to add little fades in between the different clips I picked. I picked these clips so that people can really get to know Sekou.

Pauline Oliveros Interview

Pauline Oliveros is an American composer and accordionist. This interview was conducted by Pauline’s former student. They talked about how Pauline used to run his classes, evolution and technology. “Deep Listening is a philosophy of sound awareness that recognizes the difference between involuntary hearing and the process of concentrated selection that is listening.” I found it interesting that Pauline was able to maintain a friendship with one of his students for 10 years.
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John Cage Interview

John Cage was a 20th century composer. This article is about a piece he composed called 4’33”, and how it was one of his toughest pieces to compose. The piece is 4 and half minutes of pure silence. Most people would watch the composer on stage thinking that he will eventually interact with the keyboard but never does. Cage just simply wanted his audience to listen to the piece, and this caused him to become interested in in the physical and cognitive relationship between performers and audience members. I don’t like this piece because it is 4 minutes and 33 seconds of pure silence and people like it.