Final Project Foster Care podcast

This is my final project.  For it I chose to do two podcasts on foster care.  In the first one is my story about being in foster care and my foster mother commenting on our foster care experience.  The second one consists of two clips that show some struggles of foster care and help thats available for kids aging out of foster care.  I enjoyed putting this together and expressing my feelings on the topic.  I hope you enjoy. Listen to foster care podcast 1 the listen to foster care podcast 2.


Horses & Poker Pan tool

For week 9 we had to use to pan & reverb tools to illustrate a sense of space in audio. For the horse clip we had to make it seem as if the horses were coming from one direction and moving towards the opposite. In the poker audio we had to use the tools to make it sound like you were part of a conversation. For example when you hear someone speak you hear them more towards the left if theyre on your left and the person on your right you would hear towards the right. We illustrated what that conversation would actually sound like using those tools.

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Week 13 assignment

For this assignment we filmed a scene from the movie Bridesmaids. We recorded it on a phone to get the visual but used a recorder and boom pole to capture the sound. I had to match the action of the scene to the audio from the recorder in Final Cut Pro. The biggest struggle was that the audio was running a couple of seconds behind what the person was doing/saying in the video. It took a while for me to match it up correctly. Also I couldn’t do the whole scene because in the middle when we thought we were recording with the recorder, the batteries had died so no audio was actually being recorded. There’s always a problem with the equipment.

I am focused on doing movie/ film/ media editing, so this project taught me how to match the voices to the person talking just like when voice-overs are used in movies.

In Class Assignment Week 14: Final Project Proposal

WORTH: 20 points
DUE: Today, Wed 4/29

PART I: Come up with at least three ideas for the final project. Write them down. Discuss with classmates. Which of the projects are most doable? Which are most exciting? Which are you most drawn to? Do you have people in mind to talk to? What are difficulties that would arise with them?

PART II: Write a one page TYPED proposal. Spell check it, read it over for grammar, print it out and hand in. Please answer the following questions:

1. What is your idea?
2. Why did you chose it? How does it relate to the kind of media work you want to do?
3. How will you present this project? On a blog you create? On our class blog? Why did you pick this particular method?
4. What is the SCALE of the project? How long will the piece be or how many people will you interview?
5. What gear will you need? Where will you get the gear?
6. What tasks will you need to accomplish from today until 5/6 in order to be prepared to work in class?
7. What tasks can you do in class next week? This is part of your grade!
8. How can you use in class work time to your advantage? I.e. would you want feedback from students or teacher?

Take one

In this project we were instructed to use the boom mic, and what ever device to record video. This was a fun project, we got be in a big group which is always good for me(it just takes off the pressure). The scene was from Pulp Fiction, which Romareo and Allyson had acted. The did a great job in the end and me and Maria, took great footage and I think we captured the sound well.

The most difficult part of the project was the editing aspect, just to get Final Cut pro to work properly was a task, but once Cassie helped me to get things going everything else was smooth sailing. Although I do not believe I will be doing any sound production as a professional, I do believe that this project will help me in the future as I am pursuing a career in computer animation, and visual effects.