Bridesmaids Recording

We used the shotgun microphone and the boom pole to recording these ladies doing a scene from, “Bridesmaids.” I have never seen the movie so it was a little weird to act out for me. So, I was having difficulty having the sound of the video and the audio we recorded to be in sync with each other, but it wasn’t easy. Since this was my first time using this program, I had trouble making sure I understood what the tools were. I also has problems with both audios playing at the same time because they were playing at different speeds, so I had to do some cutting and moving the pieces around to get it to sound as close to each other as I can.

Don’t tell me about my attitude!

For this exercise we had to record a scene and sync the audio. We recorded audio separately on a boom mic. I was on the mic, Romario on video, and Sekou and Marissa ran lines. After a couple mishaps in the first recordings….(I forgot to press record and accidentally got the boom pole in the shot) we got the footage I needed. Using final cut pro I brought in the footage and synced it up using slating. This helped to cut out the excess audio & video at the beginning. To find the clap I looked at the waves for a loud sudden loud noise. From there, I continued looking at the waves to match up the audio even more closely until it was perfect.

Week 13 assignment

Our experience was pretty rocky at 1st becuase the mic was picking up sound very low. Eventually we switched mics and were able to record just fine. The only thing that was challenging about working with a boom mic was keeping the mic out of the shot while video recording. Other then that I think our project turn out successful. The only thing I would do different was make sure the actors are more centered in the camera while video recording, but I didn’t have any sound issues and the boom mic definitely did its job picking up everyones voice.

week 13


This is our little scene of pulp fiction.  I enjoyed this project a lot.  I always wanted to work with a shotgun mic and boom pole.  I found it easier then expected.  The toughest pat was having to rotate the pole while each actor spoke. Also putting the audio and video together was rather easy since I’ve done it before.  The project turned out nicely next time I would want to use a more professional camera.